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Changeling Queen



Hi :floating:

I did a portrait of the other Equestrian royalty so why not the Changeling Queen too?

I have dual monitors and I realised that one of them is either over-saturated in colour, or the other one is very de-saturated and I always use the more saturated monitor for drawing, so tell me if the colours are too dull or too bright? :XD:

When it comes to lighting I'm a very confused person OTL;;
In fact I was a very confused person while drawing this... I'm not even sure if Chrysalis ever hangs in the forest hahaha! There wasn't much background info around her.

I guess some critique would be appreciated.

On a side note I've been really worn out by drawing continuously every day; I don't think I can finish 3 more pieces in less than a month :faint:

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Generally there are two ways people present Chrysalis in their work - staying true to her portrait as a villain or trying to make her "fit in" with other ponies by making her look cute. Undoubtfully you've choosen that first route for this piece.

And I must admit that I like your vision; while tis true that one could argue if a forest setting befitts the Queen of Changelings, the coloring and lighting easily make up for thsi doubts, setting the right atmosphere, while the shining, red eyes in the back add to the feeling of her minions awaiting her command to strike.

Generally it's something new, despite being done; a very interesting contradiction in itself, that mixes several aspects of the character that grew within the fandom. Originality is always an ellusive thing, a single detail can make it disappear from any piece. Being able to hold on to it, with plain means, is admirable.

The style you used is very befitting; colorful, staying true to the source material, and yet dark, somewhat gloomy, mirroring the central character as a whole. The details put into both Chrysalis and the background compliment each other nicely, one playing off the other, creating a very clear picture. It's preciously that detailed technique that makes the Queen of the Changeling so much more acceptable - showing her somewhat disfigured body, which the cartoon itself simplified, riding her from that manacing stature a bit. True, the portrait could've been pushed further, making her grotesque, while here she's "simply" striking, but it is an interesting middleground.

The impact of the piece is quite peculiar - subtle and gloomy, yet one that sucks you right in before you know it; the dark forest, housing black as night Changelings gives out the touch of dread... that danger that lurks beyond every shadow, the only indication being two, shining dots in the distance.
The lighting nicely plays its part by showcasing the central piece - Chrysalis, queen of these woods, who resides over these murky lands, her figure being no less gruesome (not overly so though... but this is MLP after all). The long, venomous tongue is a nice detail, adding further to her devious nature.

Overall it's a pretty decent job; while most works attempt to strike you "fast and hard", you choose a more subtle way to do it, one that compliments Chrysalis' character nicely; she did attempt to take over Equestria via deceit rather then full-out assault as Discord, Nightmare Moon or Sombra did. Being able to remember that, using it in this piece and yet still making the Queen of Changelings feel like a real treat is no, small feat.