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Yellow Orchid by GreyPezzola Yellow Orchid :icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 1 2 Orchid by GreyPezzola Orchid :icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 1 1 Orchids by GreyPezzola Orchids :icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 0 1
I am so in love with your fingertips,
The perfect places where mine should fit,
My hands too small to be considered dainty
My fingers too wide to be considered beautiful.
Your hands counter act mine,
Fill the spaces where mine end,
Your hands too large to be considered feminine,
You fingers too long to be considered slender.
Yet your hands are beautiful,
So pale with dark hairs,
Nails long and perfectly filed.
How I long to trace my fingertips over you and memorize every detail.
I am also hopelessly in love with your hair,
The hair the world never thought to give me,
How long and louscious,
How it falls in dark waves.
I was never allowed that sense of beauty,
I got the blonde without the blue,
The freckles without the tan,
The short without the slim.
I could compare you to so many things,
A snowy, moonlit night,
Two worlds that have just collided,
A shadow moved by a breeze.
Yet nothing truly compares.
I could try a million ways to tell you how beautiful you are,
With the sun in your e
:icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 0 0
Just Me by GreyPezzola Just Me :icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 1 8 Silly Love Songs by GreyPezzola Silly Love Songs :icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 3 4
The Book Of Stories- Audition
Friday morning had the makings to be a really good day or the worst day ever.
It started the same way most days did, with her alarm clock going off and being chucked sleepily, but with surprising accuracy, across the room and into the trashcan. She turned over once, lay still for another three minutes, and then sat up, stretched, and grumbled when she realized what day of the week it was.
She didn't like Fridays. For most people, it was the start of the weekend, the last big hurdle before two glorious days of absolutely nothing happened. Not so for a zoo-keeper.
It was spring, meaning the weather was most likely going to be fine, not too warm and not too cool, perfect for going out and enjoying the fresh breeze. Weather like that meant that she could expect to be busy with roughly two thousand families all wanting to visit with Katy the Penguin Lady, and, of course, her troupe of 28 penguins. Katy groaned and slumped back into her bed, one hand draped across her eyes, the beginnings of
:icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 0 1
She crashed into my life, or more I crashed into hers. It was a night of mystery and romance, a night where shadows were dancing on the wall. Those shadows, so enthralling, kept me spell bound as my feet moved without my consent. I found myself pressed into her side for a second and my cheeks turning as red as her shirt. I muttered an apology, tucking my hair past my ear. She responded with a smile, insuring me that it was quite alright. Then it was back to watching shadows as they entwined themselves in the dark.
As the night progressed, I too joined the shadows, as did she, our shadows meeting with more shadows, but never did our shadows cross. Yet shadows came and shadows left as the lights flickered. Our eyes met a few more times, someone would inevitably turn away. Her shadow kind and filled with laughter, as well as a soft hunger. Mine was fluttering, anxious and entranced, never focusing on one thing, yet always returning to almost touch her shadow.
The shadows danced, becoming
:icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 0 0
Just Thinking... by GreyPezzola Just Thinking... :icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 0 0
Of Peter And Wendy
There's a part in Peter Pan where Wendy says, "How I wish I could take you into my arms!" She rushes to Peter as is about to say something more, but Peter always cuts her off saying, "Don't." I've always wondered what she was going to say, but in the end it doesn't matter. You know what she wants to say to this broken boy. Peter, a boy who chooses to fly on what is fun, gives up his future, his dreams, and Wendy to keep his freedom, his ability to fly, his innocence.
Everyone knows Peter has already lost his innocence. He is in constant battle with Pirates and Indians, loosing boys to war, as well as killing those who oppose him. Yet still he clings to some semblance of innocence. Wendy can see this, she see past the "it's quite good fun" and see the scared, shy boy, who flings out his arms to ward off anything that might make him vulnerable. He didn't want Wendy to see behind his facade, yet still she did.
There is a saying, "some secrets should remain hidden" and there is the saying
:icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 2 14
Mature content
The Night is Only Half the Day :icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 0 5
Mature content
Histoire De Six Mots :icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 0 0
Graffiti by GreyPezzola Graffiti :icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 1 11
Everyday Use
I sit in front of you, just as I am,
As you use me, I give my blood,
I'll give you all I can,
I am a mighty weapon, yet fragile for all I am,
I can be wielded by all,
I can make even the greatest of men fall,
What I do can bring joy or pain,
I can hide a mistake from view,
I can set a town aflame, with nary a spark,
I express my thoughts silently,
And if I do my work well, I leave my mark,
I cannot be all things to all people, but I can be many to most.
:icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 2 16
Birthday Story
"Nothing in here? You sure?" she smiled "And you suck at writing stories. Hmm......"
"Yep. It sucked so I threw it away." he nodded, his black hair flopping with the movement.
"Why did you throw it away?"
"`Cause it sucked!"
"So did my first stories... But I improved."
"Yeah, but you're- you're- you're YOU!" he scoffed. "Besid-" Just then a ninja burst through the English classroom's window. Immediately Alec Satterlee got anime stars in this eyes. "OMFG! It's a ninja!"
"No, you're not." The girl was uninterested, instead she was scribbling in a green note book.
"I AM!"
"I AM!"
"I AM!"
"ARE NOT! Have you ever made a movie with sexy sidekicks?"
"Okay, you stumped me on that one. Have you ever broken your ankle then chosen to fight without any medical attention?"
"No! That's like soooooo stupid!"
"Ha! The real Jackie Chan did just that!" Just then classroom door opened to show Richard Rice. It was the ninja's turn to get anime
:icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 0 3
Mature content
I am the Everyday Girl. :icongreypezzola:GreyPezzola 0 5

Random Favourites

How to Kill an Idiot by Pandas-R-Us How to Kill an Idiot :iconpandas-r-us:Pandas-R-Us 7 8 Ready to Hunt II by jevigar Ready to Hunt II :iconjevigar:jevigar 1,199 123 Iggy is hotter than Fang by cbaby167 Iggy is hotter than Fang :iconcbaby167:cbaby167 480 787 Tobi's First Mission by crow213 Tobi's First Mission :iconcrow213:crow213 11,979 2,066 Art Trad - LollyPop Tobi by DarkSahdow Art Trad - LollyPop Tobi :icondarksahdow:DarkSahdow 6,191 796 Naruto: Enter the C2 Dragon by Mikutashi Naruto: Enter the C2 Dragon :iconmikutashi:Mikutashi 3,622 202 Star Wars in a Nutshell by JNickBlack Star Wars in a Nutshell :iconjnickblack:JNickBlack 704 218 2 by berkerr 2 :iconberkerr:berkerr 894 201 In Chains by celiq In Chains :iconceliq:celiq 141 12 Severus+Lily Bookmarks by ellaine Severus+Lily Bookmarks :iconellaine:ellaine 6,189 472
Hades' Wrath
Mortals have come to the Underworld? Whatever for? I had always been under the impression that mortals feared death. Surely they would know that there’s no surer way of dying than coming here? And how had they gotten in to begin with? Old Charon must have been accepting bribes again. I can’t imagine that his lord would be particularly happy to hear that…
No matter. It’s none of my affair. My love is for light. For life. I’m meant for creating growth. New life. Beauty. Spring. “Queen of the Dead” indeed. I despise this darkness. Buried far beneath even the deepest roots of the flora I love. Nothing but stone walls and complete and utter blackness.

I slid my hand over the cold stone as I made my way through the endless labyrinth that Hades would have be my home. That was how I spent much of my time. If I were to stay still in the darkness for too long its hopelessness would begin to consume me. I needed light. All I wished for was…
:icondracawyn:Dracawyn 27 61
MYth: Hades x Persephone by zeldacw MYth: Hades x Persephone :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 2,777 239 Falcon In The Dive. by Lani-San Falcon In The Dive. :iconlani-san:Lani-San 14 15 my cats face by manda8D my cats face :iconmanda8d:manda8D 7 5 Broken Flame by thienbao Broken Flame :iconthienbao:thienbao 10,480 912 Once On This Island - Papa Ge by SereneChaos Once On This Island - Papa Ge :iconserenechaos:SereneChaos 3 3

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