NE: Sorrow and Salvation #2

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Hey... Listen Nathan, that we fight we had Monday really spoke to me and I thought "Oh great its Tesia all over again!" so I've thought of somethings to prevent us from becoming just mutual acquaintances for the rest of our lifes, just like I had established with Tesia and there's no way I'm letting you slip away from me like Tesia did.

Okay first of all, why do you all of a sudden have to play videogames every second of the day?! I remember only like maybe a year or two ago you were perfectly fine playing the OG without the presence of videogames, now you bug me about it every minute of the day and when I say no that's the end of it! Don't ask again and personally I think your just using us to play on every non-videogame day you have! At first I believed you when you said "I don't use you" but your making it more obvious that you ARE using us! I feel you just come over to play the Xbox instead of us in general, y'know you don't have to come over everyday if you don't feel like playing the OG, toys, or anything that's non-videogame related then don't come over. I think your game days should be your personal days when you don't come over so you can get the videogames out of your system so when we play OG your not constantly harrassing me with "can we play videogames?" because we're not videogame fanatics like you, we play videogames all day before you come over so do you think we really wanna play videogames? No, we wanna play the OG with you.

Second, your smart-ass remarks and jokes have gotten waaaay out of hand! Now I might have an explanation for this new and annoying personality you've taken up, one is that try to ignore the assholes at school if you don't want to be like them THEN DON'T BE LIKE THEM it's always sex, rape, and penis jokes with you now their not funny anymore their annoying and disgusting! Another reason is stop texting Tesia and talking with her, my theory is when you text Tesia you get in this aggressive and mean state and you want to keep harrassing people with insults because you've been doing it with Tesia and can't stop. So stop texting Tesia I'll even tell her to ignore you if I have to, find something else to do on your non-videogame days (like playing with us :D) but no more texting Tesia for our sake!

Third, I realise that another reason you might always want to play videogames is because you don't have many parts in the OG and you become bored almost instantly we also bypass or abridge YOUR plans often and that isn't fair. Now this problem I'm afraid cannot be solved without you getting your way, I'm getting the feeling you don't want to play the OG at all anymore. Your growing out of the OG like Tesia?! How dare you Mr. Bullock you are a shame to this institution I thought I'd go before you?! (:D just kidding) Look, long story let's forgive and forget and set some new goals in our friendship: we ALL need to stop with the harmful and perverted jokes if it slips we need to say "just kidding" or "just joking" RIGHT AFTER the joke not five minutes later, second we'll go back to old system where you play videogames while playing the OG but please prove to me you can get more involved and pay attention more WHEN playing videogames and the OG at the same time. That's the reason we banned you from playing videogames while playing the OG in the first place because you didn't get involved or didn't pay attention at all! But I see now that the old system worked and a fight was never on the brink, also, some of this is Tesia's fault (I bet you love that) it was funny when Paine said when you went home "This all comes back to Tesia somehow!" :D so I'll rant Tesia for you and you can rest easy and renew yourself for all of us and hopefully we can play the OG and maaaaybe... videogames if your lucky (:D just kidding) also our Kerrigan-Xbox deal is still at large I haven't forgotten it, plus your a saint for giving her to me so you deserve your end of the deal I'll let you know when my debt will be repayed to you. Hope to see you again very soon!

PS: I realise your not the only one to, blame so me and Paine will stop with the harm we've caused you as well. Also I forgot to say I'M REALLY REALLY REALLY SORRY for hurting you let's forgive and forget and go back to our old routine, the only reason I want us to go outside is because there's more room to do our thing. I wish I could plug a TV and Xbox out there for you but I can't so we'll just stay inside from now on and you can play all the videogames you want!
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