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NiGHTS sketches

This is actually a couple of sketches I did awhile ago. As in, it's not apart of my recent 'April marathon' sketches, but I figured I post something after my pattern got interrupted by pesky life. These are sketches of the Sega character, NiGHTS, that I was into for awhile. NiGHTS is said to be genderless, but in my personal opinion, I like to think NiGHTS is a female because of her voice actress and body figure. I think that opinion is in the minority since the games always call NiGHTS "him."

For that I say, they called Crona from Soul Eater a "him" too in the anime because it'd be rude and odd to call Crona "it." So just using the pronoun "him" is a weak argument to prove NiGHTS is male, but hey, every person their own. Handshake 

I really like how NiGHTS' eyes turned out in the primary body sketch. Normally, I don't do eyes so detailed, but that was a great outcome.

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