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K.W.A - Vilified Villages

Here's part 2 of my series of the 'Naruto meets NWA' concept. Click here for part 1. This is the KWA's equivalent of the NWA album Niggaz4Life, and it's based off the Straight Outta Compton album photo.

After the group's first album Straight Outta Kirigakure, the other villages began distancing themselves from the ninja members they had in Mei's group. Though not exactly sanctioning the Mist Village's 'Blood Mist' regime, they also didn't want a war to erupt just because members of their village joined Mei's rap group. In response to their villages rejecting them, Onoki and A cross out their village emblems on their forehead protectors. The group decide to call their next album Vilified Villages, calling out the villages for not standing up to the Mist Village's terrible regime and not supporting their messages addressing said regime.

Disowning themselves from their own villages, their album depicts them standing under a crumbling emblem of said villages, marking their disaffiliation with them. Plus, Mei is holding a revolver handgun to further reflect her more modern ideologies. As more and more time passes, it seems a new member is slipping into their ranks. Who could it be?

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