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K.W.A - Straight Outta Kirigakure

The K.W.A (Kage With Attitude)

Here's a combination I don't think anyone was expecting. This is a recent sketch I did. When I drew this, I had recently seen the movie Straight Outta Compton. I'm not as hardcore a fan of the NWA as my brother is, but I am a fan nonetheless and I like a good amount of their songs. So I also had Naruto on the mind because me and my friend, Sleepless-Heart, were discussing of rewriting some back stories of Naruto characters for our role-playing game, and... this is what ensued. XD 

Sleepless-Heart gave me the 5th Mizukage, Mei Terumi and her back story is never really explained, in-depth at least. So, I made up that Mei was an oddball among the rest of the Shinobi world. She acted more modern than any other person in Naruto's world. Mei essentially invents rap and hip-hop in the Naruto world during the 4th Mizukage's reign of terror, Mei wrote songs rebelling and speaking out against the age of the 'Blood Mist' traditions in the Hidden Mist Village. Mei eventually forms an entire rap group with the other much younger and eventual succeeding Kage and call themselves the KWA. Their first album, "Straight Outta Kirigakure" is their song compilation rebelling against the 4th Mizukage's harsh regime.

From left to right: Tsunade (Ice Cube), A (MC Ren), Mei Terumi (Easy-E), Onoki (DJ Yella)

So I thought this was a clever, alternate, way the generation before Naruto's rose to Kagehood, you know, if they were like NWA... XD  I realize too that Onoki is too young in this time period where the other Kage are in their youth, but this was before I knew Naruto better than I do now. I was just skimming the surface when I drew this.

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