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K.W.A Reunion - Tree of the Fallen

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Hey! The KWA is back! This is may or may not be the last installment of the KWA concept. This is an odd combination of NWA, Naruto, and Seinfeld. The album cover stance is based off the season 9 cover of Seinfeld, only less silly. The concept itself is based off the NWA reunion with Eminem they had in Europe, I heard. Of course, why would the NWA have a reunion in their home country, the US of A? Ridiculous, right? Eye Roll

Anyways, "Tree of the Fallen" is a reference to the Infinite Tsukuyomi I called it a tree because before the series concluded, I read fans on the wiki were calling it some kind of plant, so I too called the Infinite Tsukuyomi a tree when I drew this.

Fictional Description

After a long feud between the KWA and hidden villages, Gaara had become a member in the midst, everyone finally ascended as the next Kage of their respective villages and vowed to rule the villages like they said they would while spewing venom as the KWA. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way, though village conditions and welfare improved, the villages were more or less still at odds with each other. Forgetting the friendship the ninja shared when they were the KWA. (like the real NWA disbandment and feud) However, with the break out of the 4th Shinobi World War, the villages were forced to ally together.

This gave the former KWA among the Kage some closure and their feud came to an end and they decided to reunify for one last album. Now with a common enemy, Tobi and the Akatsuki, the KWA came back for one last ride to spew some gangsta venom at said enemy. Raising morale of the Allied Shinobi Forces and showing the Shinobi world that modern culture is something that needn't be feared.
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