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Here's another crossover piece I did for my role-playing game I do with friends. Kankuro is a Naruto character I came to really like when Sleepless-Heart introduced Naruto Shippuden into the game. I decided to make Kankuro a more major character in my role-playing game. He gets decent development in the series, but I felt like giving him more love. So, a neat idea I came up with was Kankuro, like when he takes control of Sasori's body for a new puppet, that he takes control of the FNAF 2 animatronics as combat puppets too.

I was trying to write "Join the Family" but I realized I didn't enough room for family, so I wrote us. So ignore the the in the piece and just go straight down, reading "Join Us." XD It also got a little cut off when scanning it. I had to scan it from a stitched spine sketchbook, and I didn't wanna rip it out. As for the FNAF characters, Freddy and male Bonnie are slight variations of the original designs I did, but Mangle, Chica, and female Bonnie are based off a style of how another deviant drew them who, I guess, isn't around anymore. Her name is Renee-Moonveil. She drew awesome versions of the FNAF characters I liked, but she quickly got fed up with the FNAF fanbase (can't blame her) that kept harassing her about this FNAF comic she was doing. She decided to discontinue the comic since she wanted to leave the fanbase. Now her account has been disabled completely. Did the fanatic FNAF fanbase really harass her THAT much? :shrug: rvmp  Either way, it's a shame. I liked her work.

Fictional Description

After finally freeing Freddy and his friends from their animatronic curse, Kankuro decided to create combat puppets in their honor. The only one from the original group who did not ascend to heaven was Mangle, whom Kankuro tied to his own soul to serve him. Kankuro built a Freddy, Chica, and two Bonnie's, one male and one female. Kankuro was able to bind the animatronic-puppets to his soul through the power of a new kekkei genkai completely foreign to the Shinobi world. Kankuro achieved the powers of the Eye of Life. Operating similarly to the Sharingan and Rinnegan, Kankuro's Eye of Life grants sentience to his puppets and grants him the power to bind other souls to his own, making his puppets even stronger by giving them a life of their own. 
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