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Jasiri the Rogue

My 6th installment for April. While I was surfing the web while being bored, I discovered this new Disney Junior show called The Lion Guard. It's a canon that takes place between Lion Kings 1 and 2, I guess. I found the only good Hyena character, Jasiri, in the show was so cool and lovable. I immediately called dibs on her for my role-playing character roster. I had recently seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens recently too, so I decided to combine the two concepts. A Hyena Jedi!Use the force!

I drew her in some casual attire too as part of the sketch. 

The Lion Guard - Jasiri Icon (c) Disney Junior

Fictional Description

Jasiri is a Hyena humanoid originating from the planet Ascension 22. Jasiri was apart of the Hyena humanoid tribes that lived on the borders of the Jupiter Empire. Her tribe specifically was the Sisi Sawa tribe which means "One and the same." Jasiri's tribe was a proud tribe apart of the larger Hyena humanoid clan confederation simply titled The Warriors. They were the largest confederation to be gifted warriors and were called upon by other tribes when needing military protection or help with military campaigns. Jasiri was a skilled warrior and hunter herself, being the daughter of the Sisi Sawa chief.

Jasiri was unique in her fighting style. She didn't wield the typical Hyena weapon combination of a bronze-faced shield and steel tipped spear. Though skilled in these weapons, instead, Jasiri forged her own two-handed iron scimitar, being the first swordsman in the Hyena tribes. Jasiri fought in the 2nd Great Turf War, when the Jupiter Empire decided to spread its industrialized territory further into the rich, untouched plains the tribes enjoyed. Jasiri was able to lead her tribe to multiple victories against the imperial menace and was said, with Jasiri at the head of a single platoon of Hyena warriors, they could dispatch an entire single imperial army.

These weren't Jasiri's only talents, she had one more, Jasiri's wide success on the battlefield was mostly because she possessed a power no other tribesman did. Jasiri, unbeknownst to her, was force sensitive. Jasiri's tribe praised her a goddess among mortals and that her father, the chieftain, had descended form their pantheon to conceive Jasiri. Jasiri was humble and refused to take advantage of her family with her new "goddess" status. Years went by as the Turf War ended in a conditional surrender. Jasiri went on to be the dominant warrior and hunter in the confederation until she was approached by a Jedi simply going by the name The Consular. She offered to train Jasiri in the ways of the Jedi and become an honorary member of the Sisterhood of Transcending Light. Jasiri agreed and left her tribal life and became a full-fledged Jedi, however, the Sisterhood called themselves 'rogues' instead of Jedi, and are sworn to solely protect a religious prophet named Star. Jasiri has since become a very cunning Jedi and serves the Sisterhood well, earning her position as the sole guardian and escort of Star the prophet.
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this is really cool! have you  ever thought about coloring this? also I think it would be cool to see other lion king characters as

starwars characters I bet Scar would be an awesome sith lord same with Shenzi Banzai and Ed. 
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Thanks! Unfortunately, coloring isn't my strong-suite yet. I hate the way my drawings look in color. If you look at my gallery, there's only a few pieces I did in color, though those turned out good, I'm not quite comfortable whipping out the colored pencils every time I complete a sketch, and I haven't become fluent in coloring them in a computer program yet either.

Thanks for the ideas though too! Maybe I'll continue this in a series, "Lion King characters as Star Wars characters" or something :) (Smile) 
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Great picture,I love the hyenas from the lion guard,plus hyenas are my favorite animal:hug: