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Hope and Despair

My 5th installment for my April marathon. So quick story on this piece. My friends and I, who play the role-playing game, like to make different canons of our role-playing universe. We like to play WWE 2k14 when we get together sometimes and made a professional wrestling canon for our game. More so than not, the characters' personalities differ wildly between the canons. This is a series of drawings I'd like to make more of in the future, but for now, this'll be the first and only one.

Hope Kintobor (c) Archie Comics

Fictional Description

Role-play universe: Hope Kintobor is a Roman-Drednock born and raised under a Roman family, a government branch of the Drednock Conclave. Hope was raised in Rome to follow her long standing family and Drednock tradition, when old enough, begin training to become a Conclave Legionary. Hope had a very prestigious family among the Drednock-Roman ranks, her father before her was a proud Centurion, and her mother a Decurion. The Kintobor family served with distinction alongside famed cavalry commander, Scarface. Aside from being a superb foot soldier, Hope is a gifted engineer and inventor. Graduating at the top of her class in the field, and assigned to lead other combat engineering units in combat or relief efforts. Hope knows every type of Drednock weapon like the back of her hand and invents useful gadgets and contraptions for easier Drednock living, when her engineering skills aren't used for combat purposes. Hope is a caring, wise, and thoughtful girl and she finds it hard to hold grudges. Though an ultra-nationalist, like every other Drednock, Hope has a unique and borderline heretical set of beliefs contrary to the normal Drednock. Hope believes, the Drednock creator-god, The Overlord, is capable of feeling mortal emotions and makes mistakes as anyone else would. Drednock culture frowns on any one of their kind viewing Overlord any less than perfect. Despite this, Hope is a very respected and loved Drednock Legionary combat engineer. Hope is very loyal and devoted to her Conclave in return and would die for her beloved empire.

WWE universe: Hope Kintobor is a professional wrestler captured by The Auditor's staff for his gladiatorial wrestling federation. Hope is cynical, sinister, calculating, and an opportunist. Hope easily holds hatreds for wrestling rivals that get in her way. Hope is also unhealthily obsessive. Hope stalks Death the Kid with an obsessive crush on him. Upon hearing Death the Kid broke up with Maka Albarn, Hope now goes out of her way to cost Maka title opportunities and antagonize her. Hope is the ultimate heel Diva as her slogan is "Lose all Hope." Trying to bring despair to anyone who challenges her WWE career.
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