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Here's another concept I originally drew to help write a new universal plot for our role-playing game if my friends kept insisting it'd be reset. As a cool bonus, I fairly recently discovered a discontinued but awesome series called Titan Maximum. It was produced by the same guys who do Robot Chicken and everyone, me included, wishes they'd continued the series. It was a black comedy parodying Super Mech animes and Voltron type stuff. So bottom line, these characters are featured here.

This piece this technically incomplete. I was gonna draw more in the center, but I realized the paper I drew it on wasn't big enough to fit everything. So I may finish it later and post a "part 2" or something.

Fictional Description

Click here to read another piece that's technically part 1 of this fictional plot

After the Brotherhood of Steel declined after their war with the Darklings, the remaining straggling Drednocks established the Drednock Alliance, which was a nomadic civilization made up of any race members that embraced the Overlord and his teachings, becoming Drednock themselves. The Drednock Alliance try to emulate the cherished traditions of their Brotherhood ancestors, but have lost their once feared military might and achievement in weaponry. Starving and forced to be nomadic with no homeland, the Alliance's only hope is to reunite with their most sacred religious structure that survived the war, the Skeleton Spire.

A surviving Drednock priest from the Brotherhood era chooses Richard Palmer, an expedition commander, to take his team of trappers: Sasha Caylo, Jodi Yanarella, and his brother Willie Palmer to make this journey in search of the Skeleton Spire. Armed with only their Springfield Rifle Muskets and Colt Revolvers, the Drednock trappers must traverse the land that is owned by the other three superpowers of the world: The Kingdom of Hyrule, The 5 Great Darkling Nations, and the 2nd Chapel Empire. Can Commander Palmer and his team survive their journey and convince the likes of Princess Zelda and Sasuke Uchiha to aid them against the sinister ruler of the 2nd Chapel, or at least, spare them as they cross their borders?
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