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A New Age, A New World, A New Sorrow

This piece is actually a concept I thought up when my role-playing game with my friends was endanger of getting the reset button pressed on it. Everything is fine now, but long story short, we had some "fairness" issues we had to work out, but when the game was under threat, I had to write a whole new universal canon for it and this piece was me drawing some of that new canon's concepts out.

It's not a huge loss though. This new canon that I, ultimately, didn't need after all, I may use as the basis for another role-playing thing or series I plan to develop with ShaunDevon in the future. Just have to remove all the copyrighted stuff and make it more original XD

Fictional Description

In this new world, four great civilizations rose: The Drednocks (left), The Darklings (right), the Hylians, and the Chapels. All races were atheist and denounced the existence of gods, all except the Drednocks. The Drednocks, forming their civilization The Brotherhood of Steel, believed their creator and savior was The Overlord, the all powerful god that created anything and everything, who existed and worshiped him zealously. The other races frowned upon the Drednock Brotherhood for throwing themselves at a mundane concept of a god. No other race was more offended by the Brotherhood's theism than the Chapels. The Chapels possessed the largest and most powerful empire among the four races, the 2nd Chapel, and saw fit the Brotherhood was unfit to exist for their idiotic beliefs. The 2nd Chapel waged a bloody war with the Brotherhood of Steel and weakened them to the brink of extinction.

What the Drednocks lacked in land territory, being the one of the four races to have the least influence in the world, they made up for in technology. Their Paladins and Knights in power armor were the best heavy infantrymen in the world and they also made very formidable tanks, the King Tiger Z's. Armed with ammunition and firearms for any combat situation. For every one Paladin, nearly 30 Chapel soldiers would fall, but the Chapel's numbers were too great and wore the Brotherhood war machine down.

As if to kick them while they were down, the Darkling Shinobi decided to put the Drednocks out of their misery after sustaining heavy losses from their war with the 2nd Chapel. The supreme chancellor of the Brotherhood, aka The Centurion in his custom made power armor, would step up and lead the last remnants of the Brotherhood courageously against the aggressive Shinobi, led by Naruto Uzumaki. In hopes to preserve their way of life, The Centurion and his Drednock brothers and sisters fight the preying Shinobi to the death.
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