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Things have gotten better on the personal front and I'm open for commissions again, should anyone be looking.

General rates are as follows:
Quarter page grayscale illustrations ~ $25
Half page grayscale costs ~$50
Full-page color illustration starting at ~$200

Or just hit me up with a request and a suggested price and let's see what we can do.
No current commission work right now or planned, either. Just doing art about Jenny, which I doubt she'll ever see unless I send it to her...and I worry: should I? Or am I intruding and therefore pushing her further away than she is now? I have difficulty knowing whether or not I should. But I don't know how else to try and heal this rift or keep communication open...then again, don't know if I should do that, either.
OK, first journal entry here.

First, I know I haven't posted anything lately. I've been busy designing and coding websites ( ) for the last few months, and moving some writing projects towards completion.

But I have a big new art commission in the works so stay tuned!