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Whispers book cover

This is the full spread for the cover of the novella Whispers, by Kristin Dearborn, published by Lovecraft eZine Press this past December, written as an homage to H.P. Lovecraft's The Whisperer in Darkness.

The Mi-go have been depicted in many different ways, and this was my take on what is described as a crustacean-like insect made of fungus, with a face of tentacles, and tiny wings. I drew inspiration from multiple different earth analogues, mixing them together until I had produced something I felt was a unique, but true, take on their appearance. What do you think?
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I really like your take on the Mi-Go and how you've arranged the terrestrial image of the house below the Mi-Go and the depths of space above it.  Have you considered making prints of this piece?  I would love to add one to my Lovecraftian art collection.
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I haven't thought about making prints of my work available (given there just isn't enough interest), but it's something I'll consider for the future. Thanks for the kind words and the favorites!

(Also, sorry about the delayed reply. I haven't been on dA for quite some time.)