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Rose, Thorn, and Mist - Part the First

Hey folks, come on over to my Patreon and check out my latest project. This is the first page in what will be a pseudo-travelogue describing a forest known as "The Bloodwood" and the grim enclave of elves who live there. Unlike modern fantasy and it's reliance on re-depicting Tolkien's elves, I'm turning back to more traditional depictions of the creatures of faerie and my own take on and development of them.

I hope you'll join me and support this endeavor as a patron! Thank you!
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I was wondering if you could tell me more about RTaM and if there is a way to read the whole thing or possibly get a copy of the whole thing?
Thank you so much!
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Hi Arlette, thank you for your interest!

Everything publicly available for RTaM is on the Patreon site! Anything not available has either not been written or has not been properly edited or gone through my personal vetting process yet. (I throw out much of what I do write as either not meeting my standards or not fitting the scope or style of RTaM.)

I encourage you to join and become a patron, as it very much helps motivate me to work on the project. Each page is a lot of work, and, unfortunately, I receive very little in compensation for that work, so I have been focusing on illustration commissions for the past few months. Have a family to feed and all that.

Thanks again!