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Many moons ago, "Fight On!" magazine -- a magazine that produces content for the Old School Renaissance in tabletop gaming -- held an art contest. [link]

I choose the theme "One Charge Left" and put together the above image, which took second place and now graces the cover of issue 9 of Fight On!: A poor wizard boy lost in a very dark cavern far beneath the earth, whose wand of light has but one charge remaining.

The contest was judged by well-known D&D artist, Erol Otis, who stated about this piece, “The concept and treatment are working strong together. The light and shadow overlaying the textures/shapes of the rock is powerful. I'd like to say ‘chin up, you still have 1 charge’...but I think things are well past that.”

The magazine can be picked up via Lulu: [link]
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Really awesome piece here. Very powerful, seeing the person here have nothing left. Hold your ground with that very last charge or. Go out in a blaze of glory. Really awesome piece here greyorm.