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At the Dawn - homage cover

When I was a kid, probably around eight or so, I received a copy the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien -- it was the version with the gold cover displaying a raging green ocean swallowing a pillared city. I used to stare at the cover because I loved the picture, I loved the gold coloring, too, and the tale of the Silmarils has lived in my head. Over a decade ago, I wrote an RPG paying homage to the book, borrowing elements from that work, and trying to capture its feeling: a newborn world and the victories and tragedies taking place against a mythic backdrop, which were so integral to my experience of the tales.

I'd never created a proper cover for the game, however, though I'd painted the image you see above above--and have tended to point to this as "the cover." A few days ago I decided on a whim to try and design a cover again; this time I figured since the game was an homage, the cover could be, too, so I used a gold color for the background, and I also digitally aged the cover the way my beloved copy of the Silmarillion aged, folded corner, worn edges, patina, and other minor damage. For this mock-up, I also wanted to fix a few spots in the cover painting that had been bothering me for years. And as I also like to play with font-art, and font-art has a huge place in the interior design of the game, I did that as well across the entirety of the cover, making elf-ish looking runes and patterns and using it for the knotwork and trees. And though you can't read them at the size it was uploaded, the runes around the edge of the cover painting tell about the game.

I don't know that this will be "the" cover for the game if and when I release it on a wider basis than playing it at gaming conventions or on-line, but it was a fun project.
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