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Surgit Amari Aliquid

"De rerum natura..."


Fantasy Lines Brushes Set 3: [link]

gd08's png for composition (elements): [link]

Cloud Stock 01 [link]

Background 06: [link]

Floor blocks 001: [link]

Tattered Wings: [link]
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Ohh wow....I adore beautiful and expressive!! :heart:
GreyMoccasin's avatar
:heart: Methinks I must be in my "Greek Period" recently. Everything
seems to be all about mythology.:lol:

Thank you for the fave and the support. :hug:
GreyMoccasin's avatar
:thanks: Very glad you like. :rose:
kaleecee's avatar
You amaze me, always, dear man!! Love it!
GreyMoccasin's avatar
:heart: Always good to excise one's demons now and then. :D

Hoping this finds you well and productive. (How's the new project coming along?)
kaleecee's avatar
I am well, thank you. Even when nothing seems to be good in life... there is actually always good because of being with and having the love of my family.

I am writing little bits and pieces as days go by. Some days more than others. And I am enjoying my paper crafting a lot also. I am scrapbooking, making cards and such. It is kind of fun doing things with my hands, even with all the imperfections of my pieces. LOL

Be well always dear friend! I am wishing you and yours wonderful holidays, well, I mean just plain old wonderful days, no matter the time of year. *smiles*
GreyMoccasin's avatar
:nod: It's good to take a break from digital artworks occasionally and
get another part of the creative brainworks going. Clears out the cobwebs, I
always say.

For myself, I'm looking forward to travelling up to the extended family in the
next few weeks. It will be a relief to get away from the computer and the
four walls for a while. I'll drive it, so shall have plenty of time
to "ruminate" along the way I suppose...

Anyway, you have a wonderful holiday as well, M'dear. :rose:
kaleecee's avatar
This is bad when I am just getting back to my messages that are a month old.
How did your trip to see family go? I truly hope it was amazing!
Take it easy.
GreyMoccasin's avatar
:) Not to worry, M'dear. All things in their time, I always say.
The trip up to family was refreshing. Little pup Sage was glad
to see Nika again, as well. :D
savannaslew's avatar
Thought provoking with wonderful execution as usual my friend. :rose:
GreyMoccasin's avatar
:heart: :rose:

Well, I be an "eclectic" soul, if nothing else...
When I get this way, it's definitely time to get away from my cave. :lol:
savannaslew's avatar
Time to delve back into Nature for a few hours my dear.
astrangeallure's avatar
Amazingly beautiful.....perfect, has everything I love!!! :love:
GreyMoccasin's avatar
:thanks: Thank you. Very glad you liked. :rose:
astrangeallure's avatar
Very welcome...I love it...:rose:
Dani-Owergoor's avatar
Amazingly done!!! :wow: :clap:
GreyMoccasin's avatar
:heart: Thank you, M'dear. Thank you for the viewing. :thanks:
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