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Harvest time, and there's always a bad one in the bunch, no?

A foray into the macabre with this one...
(PLEASE FULL-VIEW for best detail.)

Thank you to the resource providers here at dA.
Roots and bulbs: [link]
Fractal: [link]
mushrooms: [link]
twisted tree trunk: [link]
debris: [link]
root ball: [link]
creepers and vines: [link]
vintage infants: [link]
David8: [link]
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Amazing composition , very creative work !:clap:
GreyMoccasin's avatar
:) Very happy you liked. Thank you for commenting. :thanks:
Aseamlessbonds's avatar
That is really creepy!!! :fear: Well done!!!:clap:
GreyMoccasin's avatar
Thank you. :thanks: Glad it chilled you so. ;)
Dani-Owergoor's avatar
Amazing job! So creative and well done! :clap:
GreyMoccasin's avatar
Thank you, M'dear. :thanks: Appreciate the comment and support.
kaleecee's avatar
Awesome piece of work m' friend.
Honestly... just amazing! per usual for you my dear friend!
GreyMoccasin's avatar
Thank you, M'dear. I do seem to be on a proverbial roll. Lots of shouting mouths, lol. :nod:
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Well... I sure like them. And I am also happy I am one of a few (comparable to how many are in the world) that has the privilege of knowing you and being able to see your art!
You are an awesome person!
astrangeallure's avatar
Whoa...that is creepy, but awesome. The more I look at it, the more I'm like wow...the details in the face and then the elements...excellent. :) How long did this take you to do?
GreyMoccasin's avatar
:thanks: I usually work on several pieces at once, as the subject matter and the resource-gathering can work on all.
(That is why these last few works had the theme of shouting mouths.)

This particular work took a couple of weeks; first the idea had to "gel" and then the actual work took perhaps 3 or
4 days. (I tend to fret too much over the details and , as a beginner in photomanip, the techniques are slow-go at times.)

Thank you very much for the comment. :rose:
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