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finished one of recent sketches
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Commander's skullhelm, gives him a rather dreadful look.
It adds darkness to his personality, and looks like a man who can get the job done.

The overall atmosphere is marvelously done. Birds in the distance, flying away to the unknown. And the dust rising from the army march, gives a nice feeling of movement.

The commander's pose is nicely thought out. It seems that he is about to give a charge order. Or maybe to halt the advance.

The shadow and light values on the armor are well done indeed. One can clearly get the feel of the metal. This could be a part of some fantasy story.

Very well done, as far as i'm concerned.
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This is awesome! You have an impressive portfolio 😃
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Great work your style is very nice
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Absolutely stunning
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INteresting work, you well done)
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Brilliant! I love the perspective of the main character's armor!

This only has a few comments!? No, I disagree! COME ON PEOPLE! SHOW MORE LOVE!!!!!
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This is absolutely perfect. Do you do commissions for book cover design?
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Really impressive, but maybe better with more relief et light work...
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First the good:
- Great color use, nice use of the different hues of low saturation colors.
- Good sense of metal.
- Background seems really detailed and "right", even though it isn't on further examination

Unfortunally, the focus is completly off, the commander is the most interresting element of the picture and the composition also points towards him, but he is actually the least detailed object taking away a lot of impact away from the picture and makes it look much worse than it really is. This is something I noticed in your other pieces too, though not to that extent.
You use different levels of detail for different parts, which is great, but you seem to decide on the level of detail solely on the lightness of it which is rather suboptimal, you'll need to render the more interresting parts no matter the level of light.
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thx for detailed critique man)
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Great work ! :clap:
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