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kano with the sword rough by GreyDrake kano with the sword rough :icongreydrake:GreyDrake 1 0 that's an expensive electronic device by GreyDrake that's an expensive electronic device :icongreydrake:GreyDrake 1 0
Mature content
Sing, Breathe, Laugh -- Ch. 1, Fledging :icongreydrake:GreyDrake 2 11
Dirt in the Sky, Chapter Seven -- Sufferance
Had his worries been for nothing? It seemed so; while Madam Muroid had yet to say a truly pleasant word to him, likewise was she ever cruel. As for the Lady Megido, Equius had failed to catch more than a handful of glimpses of her. If one went by his experience of the past two nights alone and set aside their first meeting, one might have been tempted to suspect she lived only in the space between the front aperture of her hive and the room Vallia had designated as the lady's "study," though what an obviously grown woman had left to study was beyond Equius' understanding. She had found his ignorance amusing, and his embarrassment over it even more so, but at least she had stopped laughing long enough to explain his error.
This was the same Vallia who Madam Muriod had mentioned in passing, a soft spoken and waifish indigoblood kept by the owner of the hive stem and rented as a hivekeeper to her ladyship. Equius had been installed in the room technically meant for her, but it seemed that
:icongreydrake:GreyDrake 0 0
Gridstuck -- Prologue
The world below was lit up with over a million lights, each shining steady through the cold, clear air, and Jane Egbert sailed above it all on a band of light.  How many times had her dear friends tried to interest her in a swifter conveyance, only to receive a polite refusal? Too many times to count; the four of them had been visiting the Grid for many years now. They had built this world nearly from scratch; what once was just a handful of hive-ships and a few hundred frightened, starving people, was now a realm to rival any of Earth's greatest cities. How could she strap herself into a light-cycle or airship, or worse, hide herself away in the Sea of Information, and miss it all? She treasured these quiet moments, when she could set aside her duties as User and just admire her work.
Her companions seemed to approve of her decision, if not for the same reasons; Joan stood at the rear of the solar sailor simulation, but now she looked up to the front, and was hard-pressed to
:icongreydrake:GreyDrake 0 0
Mature content
Dirt in the Sky, chapter six :icongreydrake:GreyDrake 0 0
Dirt in the Sky, chapter five
Equius' head was still spinning as the Lady Megido led him out of the auction house, their respective lusii in tow. He still couldn't entirely believe what had just happened. He'd stood before the auction block, and been bidden upon by a wealthy psionic – that much had been clear from the beginning. But then she'd had him brought to her for a private interview – and here was the part he could scarcely credit – she'd apparently refused to take official ownership of him until after she'd spoken to him in person and satisfied herself as to his ability to meet her needs. Stranger yet, the employees of the house – the greenbloods who delivered Equius to the lady, the amberblood who brought her the paperwork, even the brownblooded official who oversaw the signing – all had behaved in a manner confirming Equius's impression that this was behavior outside the norm. And yet, not one of them had protested.
Who was this Lady Megido? From what source did she draw th
:icongreydrake:GreyDrake 2 0
Dirt in the Sky, chapter four
Equius was ten sweeps old, and felt very cold and alone.
The former sensation, at least, was almost certainly an illusion, brought on by what he felt to be an uncomfortably conspicuous lack of a shirt and the appraising looks green-blooded, maroon-vested employees of the house were giving him as they moved to and fro across the wide room that lay just behind the stage. He had already been questioned, vetted, and thoroughly tested by both the house's professional appraiser and two inspectors from rival houses, but he fancied he could still feel their eyes on him, mentally calculating their share of his worth. The other slaves and lusii that filled the room were little better; they sat or leaned against the walls in silent resignation, listening to the patter of the auctioneer with a thin veneer of affected inattention. Try as he might, Equius could not ignore it completely, knowing full well that soon he would be out there on that stage, and that all he could hope for was the chance tha
:icongreydrake:GreyDrake 5 0
to the depth..., Chapter Four
It feels as though you have always pitied Eridan Ampora – and now, at last, you have the chance to prove it.
Captor had caught you completely off-guard, knocking you unconscious before you had the chance to get your wits together and even try to resist him – and when you'd woken up, a message from Eridan had been waiting, with a file and a set of instructions. Hours would pass before anyone put the pieces together and realized that all four of you had been played; yourself, Aradia, Vriska – and Eridan. Vriska had been the one who found the ancient frog temple, and took pictures of the runes she discovered inside, but Captor was the one who forced her to pass them on to Eridan, who would go on to use them to write the code for the game you all found yourselves trapped into playing. Meanwhile Sollux had once again stolen Vriska's will, and forced her to plant the seed of an idea in Aradia's mind – an idea which she had then perfected and taken to you, and you of cours
:icongreydrake:GreyDrake 3 8
to the depth..., Chapter Three
It turned out there was a great deal he could do to you.
Sollux had spoken a great deal on the subject of Eridan's faults; his mutation, his cowardice, the laughable ease with which Sollux could seize control of his mind – but, as your thoughts hearkened back to those hundreds of infuriating, one-sided conversations, you suddenly realized that for a man so intensely proud of his coding and hacking abilities, Sollux had spoken very little on the subject of Eridan's own skills in those fields. You should have noticed such negligence, juxtaposed as it was with Sollux's pride and fierce denials that Eridan could ever be even remotely considered his rival – though he would try to soften the latter with mocking declarations of pale intent. Could it have been that Eridan actually was Sollux's rival after all, at least in terms of basic technical skill?
It was a possibility that seemed more and more likely as the weeks went by. He'd refused to believe both your claims of ignorance an
:icongreydrake:GreyDrake 3 0
to the depth..., Chapter Two
It seemed that Sollux was capable of keeping some secrets close to the chest after all. Braggart that he was, you still knew nothing of the way he had betrayed the princess's trust until the very moment she enacted vengeance upon him. The explosion that destroyed his hive and killed his lusus shook the entire lawnring, and for a time you were far too worried about the possible collapse of your own home to even consider investigating. But investigate you did, eventually; you may have platonically loathed him, but he was still your neighbor and caste-brother, and you had to make sure whatever had destroyed him wouldn't come for you next.
But your investigation proved fruitless; there was simply too little left of his hive to support any explanation, beyond the half-formed theory that the explosion might have centered on the room where he kept his mainframe hives. You turned to your mutual acquaintances for an explanation, but it wasn't until you summoned your courage and asked Pri
:icongreydrake:GreyDrake 6 18
to the depth..., Chapter One
It feels as though you have always pitied Eridan Ampora.
Even before you knew his name, you pitied him. Your neighbor, Sollux Captor, was a braggart in addition to being a criminal and a fool. He would often barge into your hive, sneering at your paintings and your movies – and you would thank the Mother Grub every time that you always kept your robots carefully concealed in the basement, never once, no matter how much you were tempted, bringing them upstairs – and recounting all the various petty torments he visited on his platonic rivals in the hacker community. Gradually a single name began to emerge from the endless narrative, repeated over and over with a corrupted condescension that had nothing to do with fondness and everything to do with contempt. For that alone you would have pitied this 'Eridan Ampora,' especially after Sollux repeated with twisted delight the shaky, half-formed declaration of caliginous longings he'd taunted Eridan into making. Hadn't your s
:icongreydrake:GreyDrake 5 4
Mature content
Dirt in the Sky, chapter three :icongreydrake:GreyDrake 9 8
Mature content
Dirt in the Sky, chapter two :icongreydrake:GreyDrake 10 22
Mature content
Dirt in the Sky :icongreydrake:GreyDrake 13 14
Pierrot by GreyDrake Pierrot :icongreydrake:GreyDrake 0 0


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