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Princess Ruto by GreyCatOfSpeed Princess Ruto :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 2 0 Broder the Raven by GreyCatOfSpeed Broder the Raven :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 1 1 Giana the Crow by GreyCatOfSpeed Giana the Crow :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 1 0 Gogoatee by GreyCatOfSpeed Gogoatee :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 1 0 Narcissa's favorite outfit by GreyCatOfSpeed Narcissa's favorite outfit :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 0 0 Narcissa bust with sign by GreyCatOfSpeed Narcissa bust with sign :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 0 0 Not the Same by GreyCatOfSpeed Not the Same :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 2 7 Predacious Music by GreyCatOfSpeed Predacious Music :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 1 1
Written Wars
Some times a writer cannot finish the fight,
Or wrap up the victory day,
Some times weary minds cannot write,
cannot think of what to say,
Will the hero succeed, bringing peace?
Or shall villains win this day?
The world in our hands, will it cease,
filling with darkness and decay?
It's all up to us, so why don't you hush?
Don't fuss about our ways,
for we choose who may die in a rush.
Forgotten, within the fray.
Time is taken as we spin the tale,
ancient and forgotten.
Histories made and put on sale,
fiction for the children,
But we know. We've seen the flail,
broken, at the very end.
:icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 2 2
Trusted servers
I looked at the time left for Nanao to restore, half an hour. It should be plenty of time. "Wonderland, What's your remaining power levels?"
"I can function for another hour and a half, though it's recommended that I charge up sooner than that." She said, turning to me. "Why?"
I smiled to her. "I have some business to deal with."
She looked worried. "You aren-"
"No, I'm not going to go kill that guy." I rolled my eyes, snagging a folder from the desk. "The pictures I got from you should be plenty to take to the police. You still have back-ups of them though, right?"
She nodded.
"Good. I'll be back in a little. You can watch over our little patient 'til Jackie gets here with Neverland right? She'll be back in a little bit since she just went to get a brief check up for him."
"Yeah, I can do that." She smiled, reassured.
"Right, I'm off then~!" I sing-songed as I walked out and down the stairs to the front door of the house. Technically it was my house, but we tended to let the Ipods liv
:icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 0 2
Secondary Programming
Nanao had done as he was told and gone into sleep mode once they'd gotten him to a bed, but they should know that sleep mode doesn't mean he couldn't still operate his software. He decided he'd check through his programs for corruption, watching as programs flashed behind his eyelids, erasing the changed data. He'd probably have to do a full restore.
He turned to the voice, it wasn't from outside. He stepped away from the program check in his mental cyberspace and walked toward the darkened figure. "Who are you?"
He could see their smile as they stepped toward him, light seeming to come out of nowhere to reveal someone identical to Nanao himself. "Call me KTM."
Nanao blinked, walking over to the other swiftly before preceding to touch the others face and hair. "You're me..."
The other didn't move, well aware of his counterpart's irresistible impulse to touch anything that they find interesting. "no, I'm me."
"Of course you are you, you couldn't be anyone else. But physically y
:icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 0 2
Mature content
Damaged Circuits :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 1 2
Music Among the Pine Smoke
Slowly, a dark, burning smell filled the room, accented by the earthy pine from the wood that burned in the fireplace. Gravegt rocked slowly in his cedar chair, rhythmic in his movements. The door to the cozy cottage opened shyly as a small group of boys snuck in, not wanting to disturb the man's thoughts too deeply.
The youngest child of about four walked up to the old man reverently and spoke quietly, as though afraid the silence would break some spell. "Mr. Music?"
The old man opened his eyes halfway and examined the group, noting the children that stood near various instruments nearby, seeming almost antsy to grab them and hand them over to be of assistance. And to hear something sooner. "You'd like a song? All right, Bring my my guitar and I'll play one for you kids." He smiled gratefully as one of the boys handed the mentioned instrument to him. "What kind of song would you like?"
"How about the one you played for the trial last week?" An older boy, about twelve, asked. The other
:icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 0 0
Kiyana by GreyCatOfSpeed Kiyana :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 0 0 Burn it away with a Smirk by GreyCatOfSpeed Burn it away with a Smirk :icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 1 6
Death by Misadventure
Okay, so maybe it really was bad luck to steal the so-called cursed ring from the museum, but come one! They were just stupid kids, how would they have known that... that would happen. After all, it'd been in the museum for years and nothing bad had happened. Guess it only works when taken out of that case or something...
Heath looked at the ring in his hand; solid gold band, a large circular diamond in the middle with smaller diamond-shaped rubies and emerald decorating it in a mistletoe-like fashion. It'd be worth a fortune if it weren't cursed. Stupid, stupid, stupid. He wasn't in on the idea from the beginning, it was just his drunken suggestion that he later said was a bad idea, and he was right. They stole it, and now, they're dead. A car fell on Kenneth and George... he went though a tree chipper. Heath shuddered in remembrance.
No one else knew. To them, it was just death by misadventure. He thought he was using that right... What was the difference between misadventure
:icongreycatofspeed:GreyCatOfSpeed 0 0


Umbreon Birthday Wishes by Koorii Umbreon Birthday Wishes :iconkoorii:Koorii 11 1 Speed force by kit-kit-kit Speed force :iconkit-kit-kit:kit-kit-kit 488 28 Dwagon Bawlz 2 by Jubilations Dwagon Bawlz 2 :iconjubilations:Jubilations 3,898 575 Tribal Brush Megapack by narvils Tribal Brush Megapack :iconnarvils:narvils 1,627 338 Animal Brushes tribal by alwinred Animal Brushes tribal :iconalwinred:alwinred 257 50 Floral Photoshop Brushes 3 by GraphicIdentity Floral Photoshop Brushes 3 :icongraphicidentity:GraphicIdentity 2,089 236 Floral Photoshop Brushes by GraphicIdentity Floral Photoshop Brushes :icongraphicidentity:GraphicIdentity 381 36 Tricksy Hobbits. by Slinkers Tricksy Hobbits. :iconslinkers:Slinkers 6,202 865 Highway Unicorn to Friendship by snowkatt101 Highway Unicorn to Friendship :iconsnowkatt101:snowkatt101 1,509 192 Riku - Piece of Cake by NanjoKoji Riku - Piece of Cake :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 1,035 71 Dave you gotta kiss... by Shilloshilloh Dave you gotta kiss... :iconshilloshilloh:Shilloshilloh 1,923 125 Riku - The Merman by NanjoKoji Riku - The Merman :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 719 102 Sky Fun by Pride-kun Sky Fun :iconpride-kun:Pride-kun 220 19 Azure Sollux by Pride-kun Azure Sollux :iconpride-kun:Pride-kun 599 14 Shuriyan by Pride-kun Shuriyan :iconpride-kun:Pride-kun 41 8 Sebastian Ciel :The First Time by NanjoKoji Sebastian Ciel :The First Time :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 1,584 159



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United States
Clearly, I haven't really been around. Though I might start putting some of my art and original writings here again though. Cleaning out some of my old stuff! I have to figure out what doesn't embarrass me too much, I'll probably leave most of my original stuff.

Maybe a bit of a change of scene putting stuff here will help rekindle my spirit or something. idk.
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  • Watching: Farscape if it counts that mom's watching near me
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