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I think I may finally have the Sloth issue figured out. 

In it's current state it is comedic visually and dark with the writing. Felicity being chased in a failing water park by a monster hunter. I picture everything bright and colorful with a bit of fading for the surroundings with multiple people in every scene in the background. Ominous and pale monster hunter awkwardly blending in with crowds. Felicity in an awkward, frilly swimsuit her mom forces on her. It would be the obligatory beach episode.

For the action scenes I'm still trying to figure how everyone moves first. A big thing of it is finding what angles work best for their designs. Also trying to work around costume design in the scenes as well. Felicity's magic clothes ripping and tearing as well as absorbency for blood. I can see her fighting back, trying to punch her opponent and hitting the wall instead as they dodge. Her hand is bleeding from the impact as she turns towards the opponent, she shapes it into something like a spike or a blade, something that will stand out visually and be fun to animate.

On the other hand is Brittany's magic clothes. The feathers in the hat get in the way of her lifting anything over her head. It can work if they are shortened but then they just don't look right with her design. Trying to mix together Cheerleader and Superman would be fun to animate.

Either way I need to get to drawing more action scenes and seriously making reference sheets for the main cast.
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