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So I'm not going to be writing a novel this month but I am going to be working on the writing for the comic. I figure I have about 100 pages to do.

Refining my writing methods is going to be the big thing for this challenge. Usually I have the page drawn with space for the text, this is going to require something more. I have the first 20 pages with rough outlines and goals for the issues, I'm writing based off of those and I will then go back and adjust the pages and panels as needed to fit the pace for the scenes.

Here is a sample of the first page.

Felicity - "This is bullshit. Everything about this. *sigh* I'm Felicity, I'm 13, and being around my family is the last thing I want to do. Not in the friends and clothes sort of way....I mean....just look at them." close up of mom eating fistfuls of chips "That's Faith, my mom. She covers the house with religion and eats. She says her weight is a glandular thing." Wide shot of angry man sitting at table with drink and smoking "This is Richard, he's responsible for my vocabulary... in every sense. He mostly ignores me or yells at me, but he did bring in the only other book in the house aside from a bible, the dictionary." Closeup of sister walking out of kitchen with ham in mouth "And that's Ruth, my older sister..."
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November 5, 2017


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