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I've been working on ideas for action scenes. Chases, fights, powers, etc. Wanting to try something you don't see too often. 

I have some outlines for how characters move and how their powers might appear. I'm working on getting them to look right in the cute and simple art style I have for the project. Most of it can be solved in animation or in use of color. For the blood powers I'm not too concerned about the visual but I am trying to get it to move right. I can see it acting and reacting almost as an extension of her body. Working that in with with a free week of gymnastics 6 years prior and developing boxing skills for movement. Another element is it reacting as some sort of autonomous magical assistant. Swirling around in blobs to make o moving shield with blobs moving to harden (change shape and size) to deflect an incoming attack. Forming into a protective sphere as she's thrown. Forming into a floor or wall to push off of. For flight she controls the blood soaked into her costume so I'm thinking you'd see the costume pull her in directions if I REALLY wanted to get detailed. Most villain powers show as light or sparkles or a generic looking effect on par for classic film references.

Fighting styles differ for everybody. Not everybody knows kung fu. Brittany is just a cheerleader so I'm working on having her move like one. Another villain just can't fight. For Felicity she starts off with the week of gymnastics from when she was 7 but eventually learns boxing. Only a few superheroes use regular boxing. So lots of boxing references and adjusting for size differences.
I think I may finally have the Sloth issue figured out. 

In it's current state it is comedic visually and dark with the writing. Felicity being chased in a failing water park by a monster hunter. I picture everything bright and colorful with a bit of fading for the surroundings with multiple people in every scene in the background. Ominous and pale monster hunter awkwardly blending in with crowds. Felicity in an awkward, frilly swimsuit her mom forces on her. It would be the obligatory beach episode.

For the action scenes I'm still trying to figure how everyone moves first. A big thing of it is finding what angles work best for their designs. Also trying to work around costume design in the scenes as well. Felicity's magic clothes ripping and tearing as well as absorbency for blood. I can see her fighting back, trying to punch her opponent and hitting the wall instead as they dodge. Her hand is bleeding from the impact as she turns towards the opponent, she shapes it into something like a spike or a blade, something that will stand out visually and be fun to animate.

On the other hand is Brittany's magic clothes. The feathers in the hat get in the way of her lifting anything over her head. It can work if they are shortened but then they just don't look right with her design. Trying to mix together Cheerleader and Superman would be fun to animate.

Either way I need to get to drawing more action scenes and seriously making reference sheets for the main cast.
So I'm not going to be writing a novel this month but I am going to be working on the writing for the comic. I figure I have about 100 pages to do.

Refining my writing methods is going to be the big thing for this challenge. Usually I have the page drawn with space for the text, this is going to require something more. I have the first 20 pages with rough outlines and goals for the issues, I'm writing based off of those and I will then go back and adjust the pages and panels as needed to fit the pace for the scenes.

Here is a sample of the first page.

Felicity - "This is bullshit. Everything about this. *sigh* I'm Felicity, I'm 13, and being around my family is the last thing I want to do. Not in the friends and clothes sort of way....I mean....just look at them." close up of mom eating fistfuls of chips "That's Faith, my mom. She covers the house with religion and eats. She says her weight is a glandular thing." Wide shot of angry man sitting at table with drink and smoking "This is Richard, he's responsible for my vocabulary... in every sense. He mostly ignores me or yells at me, but he did bring in the only other book in the house aside from a bible, the dictionary." Closeup of sister walking out of kitchen with ham in mouth "And that's Ruth, my older sister..."
Since the beginning of the year I have been using cheap sketchbooks and decent pencils. I keep a pencil sharpener and a good eraser nearby while I work. Funny thing is I almost always misplace the eraser and the sharpener is a close second. I feel like I spend more time looking for my eraser than actually drawing.

Most everything I draw I do in about 15 minutes or less.

Digital pencils and inking is still awkward for me. The hand eye coordination thing is fine for me with the tablet and I can deal with the slight delay of the strokes. What gets me is the tactile sensation. There isn't the feeling of the paper or the pencil moving on it. The grip of the paper vs. the smoothness of the ink isn't there either. 

I need to see about making character reference sheets for my finalized designs, this will help with consistency in proportions.
I am going to try to be more active here. Lots of ways I can improve my art surrounded by artists. 
Things are taking shape. The writing is coming together nicely now and I am happy with how the linework is coming out. Soon I'll start drawing roughs of the first 20 pages I have outlined. 

Going to see about getting something like a Surface Pro 4 so I can work all digital for this project.
I have about 7 sketchbooks full of art for the project.

Each one has a bunch of design brainstorming and a couple storylines expanded on.

I'm also starting to work on some larger pieces of paper practicing how I want the panels to look as this will affect the pacing and visual flow. The sketchbooks hold key frames for these pages. Focus on dialog or action. 

I do need to work on visuals for powers. Still thinking Agent Paper as far as how Felicity uses her powers, the other ideas are mostly visual gags. Looks like another sketchbook to be filled.
One of the hardest things was realizing that I can write a happy family. 

The hard part is that I can write single parent, grandparent custody, adoptive, and any other form of family as happy except for the nuclear family unless it is weird....and it ends up inspiring a story arc that spans several issues.
I have been working on a new project this year.

I've been posting quite a few of the sketches I have for it and I have plenty more that I haven't posted. The first 7 issues are being worked on all at once as the writing comes to me. I have a few key scenes written and/or drawn for each of them. There are enough resources to make things go fairly smooth but it does take me time to work on my art, I've never been that fast with producing art and I've always felt like my art is never good enough for my projects, this is changing though as I am drawing about 2 - 3 pages a night. I've been holding onto those 2 - 3 pages per night and going over them seeing what I can improve on, what works and what doesn't. 

Without giving away too much of the plot Unwanted is the story of a Satanic magical girl. Though it is magical girl format and works with my 'cute' style I don't want it to be sugary. I plan on it being 3 'seasons' with the first two being middle school and high school per the genre but the third is going to be her as an adult. As for the religious tones I plan on it being logic, critical thinking, and dealing with emotions for the sitcom/drama half and the action part is where the fantasy and mystical elements come in.

As much as I have put into this project so far I can't help but laugh a little when I realize this project was born from a bad joke in a comic that was a bad joke that I sorta started to work on to get back to drawing more regularly. 
It has been far too long since I have been active in the art community. 

Ever since H-Artists closed I have just been kinda wandering with my art, I have gotten better but I've had no real focus, inspiration, or motivation these past years. I want to improve my art further but I don't really want to put anything serious on this site so I'm going to be posting mostly fan art here. I'll have to find a good spot for a new comic.