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Doing some proper concept art for the biggest endeavour I've ever worked on. Go perseverance!
I've posted the first Phase of my next drawing on my gallery for any of you who foolishly think they might learn something from =)

Take care and thank you for your interest.
Project underway...all the way.
A stash of shrunken heads to the first one who finds me this piece of artwork (here:…) in wallpaper-size. I'm more excited about seeing it than playing patch 4.2. Well, almost.
It's all-out Warhammer 40.000 for me, right now. So expect Power Armoured Douches or Power Armoured Spiky Bigger Douches.
Finally managed to finish the Ahn'Kahet piece, right before 2010 ends in a bloody fireball of bunnies.

T'is becoming a righteous pain in the arse, it is, to draw. I find myself adding more and more details and giving me less room to slack. Well, I guess that's what evil geniouses call improvement.

I hope it takes me less to post my next pieces - I'll try and have those ready before the new expansion comes.

Can't really say I like this new year celebration business, but do have a good, safe night with lots of tight dresses (or suits, for the ladies) into your field of vision.
Yay, 1000 pageviews.

In other news, thought I'd finished a drawing yesterday...I didn't. It turned out a complete piece of crap (well, half of the drawing did).

And now I'm "stuck" at work, thinking only of ripping that abomination in half.


PS: Yay, 1000 pageviews...