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Imperial Fists - Pramus Kholosk



"Endurance is all we have left. To steel ourselves and let Horus' venomous blade shatter against our righteousness. No more shock. No more mourning. No point in contemplating the future of the Imperium. The only difference between the traitorous lot that's coming for us and the next Ork invasion is that we know them. As far as I am concerned, that is an advantage."

Pramus Kholosk, The Castle, Sergeant of the Munchaust Squad

A Terran-born warrior from before the Emperor reunited with Rogal Dorn, Kholosk survived the Heresy, finally meeting his end at the very beginning of the Great Scouring, when he seemingly went berzerk during the boarding of the Iron Warriors' cruiser "Ferrus Candent". Though a cruel blow for the Legion, many saw the old veteran's reckless behaviour as liberating and natural, Kholosk having gone through the events of the Heresy with a stone-hard calm that was unsettling for all but the fire-and-ice collective mindset of the Imperial Fists.

Pramus Kholosk's most distinctive feature was his choice of Armour, the MKI Terminator Armour, of which he was one of the very few to sport, among Legionnaires. Though incredibly durable and providing immense strength to its wearer, MkI Tactical Dreadnought Armour (actually never having gone past 'Prototype' status) was extremely unwieldy and presented serious visibility issues. This made it almost prohibitive for boarding actions, but Rogal Dorn, appreciating Kholosk's valuing of his relic wargear, created the concept of boarding squads specialized in creating bulkwarks inside enemy ships. Over time, Pramus Kholosk became a legend among those Astartes companies and squads dedicated to void warfare.

This guy was a real challenge. As you may have noticed, his armour was inspired by this one [link] . I do hope Forgeworld gets to do it, someday. Thanks for watching and commenting, everyone. Cheers.
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