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Metal Texture PLUS Metal Grid

Well, the texture i have done some time ago that i sometimes use on my metal works and backgrounds.
Hope you like this one and use it. You can change de saturation and the brightness to achieve other metal colors. :)

If you like link to me if you use it. Thx.
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But I think there is a problem in your ZIP file. Maybe the server deleted your file so we can't download it anymore. 
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I know how to create this texture on Photoshop but I have only GIMP. I can't create this on GIMP. So I am glad to find this metallic texture again. Thank you. 
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I used your texture here:
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Thanks for the tex. I am using it. But, not on anything I would post on DA. (learning ZBrush)
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This is really cool. Thanks for making it.
And I used it here [link]
Do you mine me using it in something that may be used in a commercial product(a game). This is the best metal texture I'v found like ever. Thank you
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i used your texture here
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can u tell us how to download this file.i mean the big 8.0MB file is not opening or downloading.thanx much to post this means alot.
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I subimited the file to devART. If you can't download it probably devART deleted it? :(
It's so old that I don't have the original anymore. :( Sorry
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alrite, no problem. :peace:
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Very nice! Thanks.

i used this for a knife blade
and it turned out wonderfully
ill like you when i get it all finished up
but thx for the excellent texture.
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No problem. Glad i could help you with your knife. ;)
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i remember makin one of these from a tut....nice, thnx for the resource
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Wow love all your wallis
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