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This illustration depicts Hatboy, Hatgirl, Bippity Zip, and Mute all inside a home decorating the Christmas tree together. Clarissa is ...

This is a nicely designed character here. She is one of the My Little Pony fan characters or a My Little Pony character in humanized fo...

This here is one of the artists characters inside a bubble and floating around the city during the night. The sky looks like it was pho...

This here is a really interesting picture of a regular sunset taking place outdoors, especially in the summertime when the days are lon...

I really like this picture of the Pines twins just by how they looked. They both look all grown up as either teens or young adults in t...

What a lovely character this is! It reminds me of the Victorian era on how they were dressed back in those days. Now, the character her...

My formal reviews on other people's works.

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I feel like ranting about a comment that I've got telling me that my art had a disease called "same face syndrome" and hopefully this will clear things up.

Now, I ADMIT that more than half of the characters have the same face; some of them have big noses to help offset things and not much to the faces had changed since the last time I've vented about my art style almost a year ago. I want to point out that some of Calvin and Hobbes' characters have faces that do look the same -- particularly Calvin himself, Susie, and Calvin's mom -- and Doonesbury's characters also have the same faces on most of the characters. So yeah, not much had changed regarding my own characters when it comes to making faces and I'm ticked off about this.

I'm getting rid of three fictional bands from Tales Of A Working Band: Los Reyes Del Ala, The Braindead Sons, and Head. They DID NOT work out like I've hoped after a couple of years and they're going to be replaced next year. I hoped that some ideas for them might come out of them, but instead they turned out to be just a bunch of generic characters in the end. I'm very disappointed about this, but all three of those bands are gone after this year. Sorry.

My other cartoon bands all got name changes and/or lineup changes. The French Cassettes will be renamed as Le Tom Jonestown Massacre -- the characters will still be here, but with a different roles. The Waffles will be renamed The Hybrid Cars (a name I've made up in high school late in 2006), West End Electro will be renamed Wooden Windmill, and the Video Games will have a new female bassist in their lineup. The Celtic Warriors will be renamed back to Celtic Cross along with new roles for the characters after this year and Polly Would recently went through a change in their lineup.

Some to over half of the characters that I have right now will get outfit changes sometime next year, but I don't know any plans as of now, but I will re-evaluate each character I've drawn regarding the outfits. Any suggestions and tips for outfits are appreciated.

Yes, the anatomy. I am currently satisfied with the new anatomy for the male and female characters this year. Almost all my female characters now have an hourglass shape and nearly all my male characters now have an upside-down trapezoid shape. If you have any suggestions and tips, please leave a comment and thanks. The poses that I still keep drawing still suck, even the way I draw hands still sucks.

That's all I've got to say and hope to get some feedback and some advice from you.


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United States
I'm a high-functioning autistic indie cartoonist/illustrator currently pursuing a career in graphic art. I'm also the creator of three currently running cartoons Tales Of A Working Garage Band, Syd's World, and European Music Wars. My style of drawing is mostly inspired/influenced by Robot Jones, Schoolhouse Rock, but the way I design my characters are mostly influenced by fashions of the 1960's with a sprinkle of 70's, 80's, and 90's fashion.

Constructive criticism is welcomed for those who look at my work.

Feel free to make fan art of my OCs, but ask me first.

Art trades and requests are always open! :D

:bulletblack: Requests
:bulletblack: Art trades

:bulletblack: REQUEST-AN-IDEA "NEW!" (submit your ideas to me on how any of my OCs can do, say, act, etc through either comment or note. It isn't limited to just one character; duos, trios, and other groups are also included).

Please don't use my illustrations without my written consent. Thanks!

The cartoons/comic strips that influenced my style
:bulletred: Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? (2002-03)
:bulletorange: Gravity Falls (2012-present)
:bulletyellow: Calvin and Hobbes (1985-95)
:bulletgreen: Zits (1997-present)
:bulletblue: Scott Pilgrim (2004-10)
:bulletpurple: Doonesbury (1970-present)

:bulletblack: Tales Of A Working Garage Band (ongoing): 2011-present
:bulletblack: Syd's World (ongoing): 2012-present
:bulletblack: European Music Wars (ongoing): 2013-present

:bulletblack: Fundies And Hippies: 2014-2016

:bulletblack: OCs (original characters) are only allowed (still not allowing copyrighted movie, TV, comic book, video game characters, and logos).
:bulletblack: Have them do, dress, and say whatever they want, as long as it's safe for work (SFW).
:bulletblack: Request that my own OCs from any of the three series (Tales From A Working Band, Syd's World, and European Music Wars) do whatever you want them to do, dress, and say.
:bulletblack: Art trades are still going.


R.I.P. former MSNBC anchorman Ed Schultz (1954-2018). He will be missed.
Happy Fourth of July to all my watchers and new watchers!
Update regarding my account on Newgrounds: I've sent the staff of Newgrounds a message to have my account deleted, meaning that it will be gone in several days. For DeviantART, I'm not planning to leave anytime soon since there is too much fun on here.
I will no longer post any new artwork (all my other stuff has been deleted) on Newgrounds due to the bad reviews and treatment received, but will continue to post new content here on DeviantART.


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