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Dream job

By Gretlusky

Hi guys! I drew this and posted it on my Insta last October but I couldn’t talk back then what was this about. But now that I can (just a little bit) I’m super excited to tell you guys that for the past few months I’ve been working on an original graphic novel called Primer for DC Comics! ✨The story is written by the amazing Jennifer Muro and Thomas Krajewski and features an all new superhero I had the pleasure to design ❤️ I’m beyond happy for this opportunity and I can’t wait for you to see it!
I can now say that being a comic book artist is seriously the hardest and most rewarding thing ever 💖
Hope I can share more news soon and do a proper post when the comic releases! 

If you like my work, please consider following me on Instagram, where I’m more active. Thank you so much  ❤


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Congratulations! That is amazing! You must be so proud!

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So this has made me reevaluate my colouring and shading, I've looked at your work and used it as inspiration to help improve my own work, do you have a tutorial on hair? I just can't seem to get any depth or texture to my drawing's do! Crying 
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You are such an inspiration! Thank you for never giving up on your dreams and living them out today, you really inspire and motivate so many of us out there with your gorgeous art, storytelling and perseverance for your goals <3 ; v ; 
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Thank you so much for such kind words! :hug:
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you are most welcome gret <333 thank you for being such an inspiration!
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reminds me of that YouTube video where man screams "I LOVE YOU DOG!!!" at his scared dog xDD
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That is so awesome!! Congrats Celebrate Do you know when the comic will come out? I'd love to read it!! 
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Thank you so much!! I don't know exactly when but next year for sure!
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This is great. ;D
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don'\t tell her that, she might get scared! xD
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Congratulations!!! You deserve it!
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Oh look, it's me, except as a girl. 
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Hi Brooke, my name is David. Make us all a favor and go to this link, my page is called
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Awesome. Congrats!
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This reminds me of the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - in the part when Clementine is scolding her doll to be pretty.
Nice work
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So you saying this to yourself as a kid you're gonna make the younger you think about she wants to be. To make the story short; you gave yourself anxiety about that you'll be in the future, then maybe you'll try something new each time but wont develop any further because you won't be sure if you'll like that job and try to find that job you're good at.
In other words; you screw yourself.
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