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Darkened fire

This is a little sketchy gift fan art for adalfyre over on twitter, whom I admire and am muchy a fan of zee dragons @_@

Pictured is their character Aegesir, who is such a pretty looking dragon, very well designed too! You can check out their work here

I may have had a little bit too much fun with the glowy fire, just, maybe a little..

I can understand the surprise with me finally uploading some art after a hecking long period off, hopefully this is a fresh start, which I've also opened commissions for to try and get me back into drawing more. Even if its not art for myself, art for others I enjoy doing just as much! 

Art © :icongrenyol: Character © adalfyre
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VestibulumNocturnis's avatar

Really love the lighting work here with this fierce and awe-inspiring Dragon. Very well done :D

glissdragon12's avatar

This is amazing!^^ The colors and details are amazing!^^

MBT808's avatar

really fantastic work, as always.

Grenyol's avatar

Thank you! I feel like I'm getting my drawing mojo back - for a bit at least ^^

MBT808's avatar

Even a little bit is a good start, I know it took me some time to get the hang of it again after I took a break from drawing for a while.

Sparky-Lurkdragon's avatar

What great flaming glow effects! Such a neat contrast to the dragon's black scales!

Grenyol's avatar

Thanks 😁 glad you like it ♥️

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ThePokeSaurus's avatar

I'm so happy I found this.

SerostheDragon's avatar
Strangely reminds me of Deathwing!
Grenyol's avatar

I see what you mean, with all that glowy fire he does a little :D

Iron-Ed's avatar

LOVE the lighting!

Grenyol's avatar
Dawn2604's avatar

What app did you use?

Grenyol's avatar

Just photoshop for this, I have a wacom cintiq too which is really helpful :)

Dawn2604's avatar

Dude you didn’t have enough fun with the glowy fire still looks awesome though

Grenyol's avatar

There's no such thing as too much glowy ♥

StarskyO's avatar

Great job on the tints on the scales here!

Grenyol's avatar

Thank you! 😊

Adalfyre's avatar

You can never have too much fire <3

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