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Winter Night

Only have one thing to say about this one, COLORS!

I had a ton of fun drawing this one, but time to finally call it done. It took way too long for me to get this one done. 
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This is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen in my whole fucking life.

I have to go headbutt a bull into submission, now. Hope you're happy.

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Since the weather's getting colder, I'm going to need plenty of these pictures to keep me warm.
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I think you did an excellent job! Love the color and such cute subject matter!
Sisterly love at its finest. ^_^
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Long to finish, but worth it!  Such beautiful colors! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1]
Well done! Clapping Pony Icon - Rarity 
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Very sweet :).
Also, very nice shadows; I can imagine it took a long time even without the scene out the window!
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While this took you longer than you may have wanted, I'd say it paid off. By the warmth of the light falling on Rarity and Sweetie Belle, it looks like they have a fire going. It contrasts nicely with the cool light coming from outside. The contented looks on their faces along with their positions also give this a very happy, relaxing feel.
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nice, it looks so peaceful  
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Now that is GORGEOUS! The lighting is beautiful (especially the contrast between moonlight and firelight), the hair looks great, the anatomy is great, and that couch looks so squishy. Fantastic work!
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Aw... Sweetie Belle's just too cute!
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wow! Beautiful. And those colors! Just wow!
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This looks so beautiful! The amount of adorable in this drawing is over 9000!!!! 
There is a great colour contrast between the cool outside and the warm inside. The rendering is fantastic as well. 
Ohhh, this is just so beautiful T_T The waterfall has started. 
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Aaaww... so beautiful and adorable... :heart: :love: :heart:
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It's nice when a picture's atmosphere is conveyed well enough to produce that mood secondhand; I feel so tranquil and drowsy now. 'Night.
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How cute :D
Awesome drawing!
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Why thank you. 
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I curse you Americas for your snowy Christmas! They are so damn precious and here we have nothing! Just plain old cold. And ice. Ice is fun to break :dummy:
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It sure is! Too bad where I am the most we get is a cold rain. 
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I´d be delighted to sing under the rain! :la:
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