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The Nightmare Begins - Collab

A special collab drawing I did with :iconviwrastupr:. It was a ton of fun to draw. 

This is the special con exclusive print :iconviwrastupr: and I will be selling at Nightmare Nights Dallas! 

Also, here is :iconviwrastupr:'s version. He deserves some love as well.…
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I found a new wallpaper!!!
*sneaks up behind her and pushes her off*
X'D Yes!!
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great atmosphear craeted
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Would look a little better if you made the legs a little thinner.Just saying though.
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This is Nightmare Night...
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Aw, nice!  Where was this a few days ago? I like this a lot better than the cover I used for my nightmare night song.
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Thanks, :iconviwrastupr: helped a lot with it. Actually most of it. 
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Woah! Thisis absolutely mindblowing! good job! :D
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NMM looks beautiful!
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That came out exceptionally and I love the colouring in her hair:wow:
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You should thank :iconviwrastupr: for that. He did an amazing job on everything :)
swedishpancaces's avatar
Holy shiiiet dat mane!!!!!!!!!
Grennadder's avatar
That was :iconviwrastupr:'s doing. 
swedishpancaces's avatar
Sooo, who of you did what?
Grennadder's avatar
We both did colors. I did the sketch and viw did most of the shading. 
swedishpancaces's avatar
Well I love everything about this so you have done a really great job! :)
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Thanks! Don't forget to give :iconviwrastupr: some love as well :P
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