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Its time for another winter drawing. Why not Pinkie! Catching snowflakes seems like something she would do. Also wish I lived in a place that gets snow again. 

Side note, this was all done today. Total time : 4-5 hours (Her hair is a pain the shade). 
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A retard in the snow...
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Are you really going to go and comment on every Pinkie piece I drew like this?
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Is a person not allowed to express his or her feelings towards another person's art? Don't
take it the wrong way. I haven't targeted you. This is a website full of millions of different
artists and I've just came across you more than once apparently.

Tell you what. Your username isn't that hard to remember now that I've read it. I'll stop making
bad comments on your work, not that any of the pictures are bad, because they're not. I just
have a thing against Pinkie Pie. I've never liked her in the least bit. She's an idiot and a loser.
But I'll leave you alone.

Now if you do Pinkamena pictures that awesome. I love the horrifying maniacal rampaging killer
known as Pinkamena. If you do them then I'll more than likely leave "positive" comments. Not
excessively gory though. Some Pinkamena pictures will make you want to keep a knife with you
when you go to bed and give you nightmares when you sleep.

Like that one where she was dead and there was rotting decaying flesh hanging off her bones
and she was slitting Rainbow Dash's throat. Talk about horrifying. There's one where she killed
RD and cut off her cutie mark and stitched it over hers and cut off her wings and attached them
to her body. Some of these people are sick disturbed individuals.

But the less gory and vomit inducing pictures are cool.
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Gotta say, not expecting a response like this. You are welcome to your opinion and style of art you enjoy. 

Not looking for positive comments or anything really. I'm used to most kinds of comments on artwork, you hear a lot of things after awhile.

Eh, no need to drag this out. You do you. 
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Ok. But before I go I want to tell you something that I along with many others 
believe about Pinkie Pie. And that is she's so hyped up and stupid because she's
a druggy. It makes sense. She's always high that's why she's like she is. Oh, 
she probably gets a lot of hard cider from Applejack's secret still too. 

A meth lab hidden somewhere and her family's rock farm probably has actual 
plants growing there. High as a kite and drunk as a skunk. Makes me wonder 
exactly what's in those super tasty cupcakes of hers. 
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Pinkie snow!!!💙🎶🅿retty
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Aaaww!!! How adorable!!! :meow: :meow: :meow:
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The adorable quality you lend your ponies with those gigantic hooves really shows itself here. :)
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that is too cute *faints from cutness*
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It is just like powdered sugar.
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"If it was just choclate" Budgie Lix 
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Its actually white chocolate. haha. 
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Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
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I like how you used the bluish light on both the snow and Pinkie. Lovely pic! :D
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Aw... What a sweet puppy!
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Wish we had her at our home.
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She looks awesome, once you've been in snow awhile you start to dislike it
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