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Forest Playground

I was doing a tree study, had to improve on those a lot. I ended up having this idea mid study and just went with it. Also taught me a few new ways to approach trees, but I didnt really implement all of it hear. 

Still, have some cute CMC stuff. Hope you all like it. 
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It would be both cool and creepy if we saw like a predator in the background or slender.
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oh hey, I finally found where my poster of this that I bought at bronycon 2014 is from! It's one of my favorite posters that I got from there :D
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This looks fantastic. :D
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Looks like the CMC are doing a tree study too!
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Heheh they sure are. 
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Beautiful and adorable! :D
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Why thank you. 
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Absolutely amazing! :D
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Very nice! Scootaloo looks as if she's trying not to fall ;-)
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Glad you like it. 
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wow what a cute picture. =D
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sweeeeeeeeeeet :D maybe APs colour is a little bit off
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Glad you like it
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