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"Um, hello," you tell your new familiar.
You try to straighten ... him ... on your head. He promptly readjusts himself to sit at a slightly more jaunty angle.
"Welcome aboard," you say. "Um. Do you have a name?"

'What's a name?' he asks, innocently.

"Alright, I'll name you," you decide. "From here on in, your name is Shadow. When I say Shadow, I'm talking to you."

'Okidoki,' Shadow the Hat-Bat replies, agreeable soul that he is.

You came into this passage so you could be scanned and Dr. Tree could determine how your pregnancy's progressing. Instead of making it to the end, you ran first into Moocy - who proved to be quite friendly - and second into a random encounter called Minoton - which was anything but friendly.
There wasn't supposed to be a random encounter down this corridor, but it was still there. Even if the encounter allowed you to level up for the third time, you're not going further down the passage. It's time to get out of here!

"Come on, Moocy," you say as soon as your new acquaintance comes out of her trance, her level-up apparently completed. "Let's get out of here and see if we can't talk to Dr. Tree."

"I'll second that," Moocy says, and the two of you run back to the hidden door.
Fortunately, it yields to a good push and flies open, revealing the room where you undressed and left behind Dr. Tree.

You discover the scanning-corridor has some very decent insulation, because you didn't hear any of the noise while you were in there. There are people running around and shouting outside the room - a lot of people running around and shouting. In the distance, you hear bells ring. Someone is either crying or shrieking at the top of their lungs, you can't tell which.
Dr. Tree is still standing in the middle of the room, but she has a small crystal ball out and is variously shouting into it and being shouted at by it. When you throw the door open, the Dryad leaps nearly a foot in the air and whirls around to face you. She sags with relief when she sees it's you.

"Thank the gods!" she exclaims. "The corridor's readings were all wrong, and then the door wouldn't open, so I couldn't come and get you out! We've - we've had a breakdown of the Fundamental Rule of Cities! Random encounters started showing up inside the walls! Injured people are pouring in by the dozen, and the City Watch has sounded the general alert!"

The doctor covers her face with one trembling hand and takes a couple of deep breaths. "The Fundamental Rule of Cities doesn't break down," she mumbles. "It never breaks down! This isn't natural."

She shakes her head and looks you in the eye. "I'm - I'm sorry. We can't conduct another scan today, I need to get to the Emergency Care Room. We'll try to untangle the data later, but - but not now. Please collect your things and -"

The door to the room is thrown open, and Isabeau comes running into the room!
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she says, "but I need to find - there you are!"

The High Elf crosses over to you and grabs you by the shoulder. She looks - and sounds - distraught.
"Daisy, we've got trouble! Miss Emma is gone! We all went through the medical test for immigration, but when we came out on the other end she was nowhere to be found, and our Automagic Field interfaces showed we've got a quest, and suddenly there were random encounters popping out of alleys and oozing out of walls, and we don't know where Emma went! Please come!"

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What will you say?
What will you do?
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