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You assume the feeling of something or someone taking notice of you, the presence approaching, is Moocy. But when you turn to the girl with the cow's horns and tail, you see she is in a meditative pose. You're fairly sure she's busy levelling up, even though the pose she takes is not what you're used to.

Hmm. That makes you wonder: are there ... different ways of levelling up? Maybe you should ask Emma and Delar about that when you meet back up, later.

Hold up, Moocy is busy, so what was that you felt? What's that noise, coming closer? Kind of a high-pitched, shrieky sort of noise... Whoa, what the heck?!

The bat is upon you before you can take evasive action, and is flying straight at you! You flinch, a little voice in the back of your head screaming that it's about to crash into you and get tangled up in your hair -- and it sort of folds itself in mid-air and lands very gently on top of your head.

'Hello, mistress!' a silvery voice speaks in your mind. 'I'm here!'

You realise that this is not just an ordinary bat. It's not even just an ordinary hat-bat, a flying mammal known for imitating headwear so it can get at any ticks and fleas the wearer might have on its scalp. This is your new Familiar! It's one of the class features you get when you took your first level in CASTER [WITCH]!

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Accept your new bat friend! If it doesn't already have a name, you should call them Shadow :3

You may also want to get out of here.

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Thank you. Any votes for what comes next? ^_^

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It really do be like that when you level up.

One day you're a paragon of justice fighting in Tyr's name, and the next day you just magically know how to find hidden paths in forests when you've been in the city your whole life.

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Presumably on Ird, the Automagic Field downloads the appropriate knowledge.

That, or people actually study. ;)

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