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Just for starters: many thanks to the friend who helped break the deadlock by voting for what should happen next.

Second, just in case folks have forgotten, this is Sarcantasy, the webcomic you help shape by voting on what should happen next! 
Here's the first page of chapter 1:…
Here's the first page of chapter 2:…
And here's the first page of chapter 3, which is where we are now:…

And now: back to the story!

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Previously, on…

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You choose.

'Confirmed,' the Automagic Field's Un-Voice communicates to you. 'Compensation for rule-violation rendered. Bribe has been accepted.'

Wait. Bribe?

'Proceeding with level-up,' the Automagic Field continues, with all the passion of tap-water, yet also as implacable as an avalanche. 'You have selected: CASTER (WITCH). Class features predetermined: FAMILIAR; SPELLCASTING. Select STAT-BOOST.'

Hold on. This happened the last time you levelled up as well...!
Delar told you, you're only supposed to get a free Stat-boost the very first time you take a Class-level, and the first time you take a level in your Ideal Class.
Levelling up to Witch 1 is taking up all of the EXP you have right now, so it's not your Ideal Class. So why are you getting a Stat-boost? You wish you knew...

'Boosting INT-STAT,' the Automagic Field declares, somehow managing to convey sarcasm without modulating its Un-Voice. 'Class-related boost to MAG-Stat: +1. Determining dominant modifier for Witch-magic. Selecting INT. Add +1 INT-modifier to MAG. End result: MAG 02. Emanating red string to contact and draw in familiar. Conclude level-up. '

The Automagic Field's Un-Voice starts to fade away, then returns briefly: 'WARNING. Increase to Racial Flaw: Pulse in the Field. Upgrading to Pulse in the Field II. Level-up is now concluded.'

For a moment you wonder what it meant by that. Then you have the oddest feeling that someone just sat up and took notice of you, the way they do if they suddenly spot you from the corner of their eye and startle.

You barely have the time to process the feeling of having been noticed when you feel ... a connection. There are no words for it. There are no words for the feeling of being connected to your own limbs, and this is much like that. Although you know intellectually that you are feeling a presence you have never encountered before, you feel a familiarity, somehow. And the source is rapidly drawing closer.

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Please proceed to:…
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amazing and adorable indeed