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Sarcantasy 131



Last time, on Sarcantasy (before Inktober got in the way):…

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"Um," you say while plummeting (and you feel very proud at the fact that your voice is only a little higher than usual), "who... who do you think I am? Who told you about me?"

"Well, you're that chronomancer kid Mrs. T met during that whole mess at Nightthrone, aren't you?" the shadow says. "Lots of us have heard about you by now. Chronomancers are a pretty big deal even in peaceful times."

"That's ... nice?" you say. "Um. Am I in danger right now? Is this... real?"

"Danger?" the shadow repeats, glancing about. "Well, yes. Real ... Eh, give it fifty-fifty odds - from your perspective. But yeah, there's danger. Wyrms hang out around here, and there's the nastier deities. Sometimes rogue demons and elementals.
The Canopy's definitely not safe."

I see," you say, the words coming faster and faster as your fall accelerates by the second. "Well, I'd like to go back to the waiting room, I'm in no condition to fallthousandsoffeetorbeeatenbyawyrmyouknooow~!"

"Oh? Ah, right," the shadow says. "No trouble."

There is no real transition. One moment, the wind is rushing past you, the canopy expanding beneath you, and the next ... The next, you are drifting in mid-air, in the waiting room back in Vlad Tor. Beneath you sit the same people from before -- but behind them stand strangers. Their bodies are wreathed in shadow, just like the rabbit-eared being who abducted you to the Canopy and just brought you back, making it difficult to be sure of what they are or what they look like.
Behind the blonde Beast-woman stands ... you think it's a man with heavily matted hair and sad, grey eyes. He exchanges a businesslike nod with the rabbit-eared girl, who blinks at him in a friendly way.
Behind the well-dressed man with the white hair, there's a woman with horns, whose crimson eyes elongate in a smile. "My, my," she says, as she looks straight at you. "The view here just got a lot better."
Behind the Epon, a large, equine creature with a fierce horn and purple eyes snorts and tosses its head, startled by your appearance. It jostles a powerfully-built being behind the elderly gentleman with the hat, who grumbles: "Watch it!"
The last shadow, which appears to have rabbit ears like your guide, but whose eyes are a brilliant pink, snorts. "Leave the horse alone. It's standing room only in here. Hope nobody dies, or we'll have psychopomps moving through as well, and we'll have to stand on each other's shoulders."

You notice that while the shadow-people are talking and moving, none of the people you met in this room are. And sitting next to the Beast-woman is ... well, it looks a jolly lot like you. Except, not moving, and you are not there. You are here.
Aren't you?


Annnd you seem to be suffering a slight case of nudity...

= = = = = = = = = = = =

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Ask them what's going on, AND why I'm naked!!