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Previously, on…

= = = = = = = = = = = =

You hear the demon speak, its purring voice teasing, tempting, suggesting things which are twisted reflections of the truth, all of it an attempt to lure Delar to a fall...

… and you ...

… you just ...

… it ...

You find yourself flying forward, a battle-cry on your lips, before you realize just how angry you are! You were there, you saw how much it hurt your friend to see what had happened to his adventuring comrades, his buddies! And now this, this thing is trying to twist it all!

'Wield me,' Grim Death growls in your mind, and you … do.

You feel power rushing through the ghostly blade, Grim Death's power, the power of the despairing ghosts in the corridor, your own power.
You squeeze your eyes shut just a second before you barrel into the demon, planning to knock it off-balance and cut it at the same time -- but there is no resistance. Like a real ghost, you pass through the very solid demon, and the only thing that drags resistance through its flesh is... the sword.

The demon ROARS, an agonised, confused bellowing that makes the whole throne room ring. It does not seem to have noticed you, but it felt the passage of the undead blade through its brain, alright!

Weirdly, you can hear Present Delar's voice through the din, his tone quiet and composed: "After all that seduction, all the lies and innuendo, it suddenly started to roar at me, and I knew, I just knew it would charge and tear me apart. So I cast a spell; the strongest one I had in my arsenal there and then. I cast LBL."

Spinning in mid-air like a top, you see Past Delar raise his left hand -- and a bolt of lightning flashes forth from it! The bolt zig-zags wildly...

"Honesty compels me to to admit that while LBL is still one of my strongest, my control with it sucks. Worse then than now."

...and strikes the wall behind the giant skull! There is a great rending of stone as the magic tears apart whatever supports kept the skull fixed to the wall. Slowly at first, but with growing speed, the stone starts to fall -- and you see the demon, still howling its agony. 
Power is building around the monster as it regains its composure and readies an attack that will reduce Delar to a sooty stain on the floor... but too late. Far too late.
With a great 'BOOM' and sickening crunch, the skull lands and reduces the demon to so much pulped flesh and broken bones.

"I'd won. I'd defeated the Dark Lord of Nightthrone. And the victory felt hollow, it was ashes in my mouth, after Auldman's and Jak's deaths. But I had a duty, still. I had to secure the Crown and find my remaining friends, so we could get out of that horrible place."

You watch Delar start to trudge further into the throne room. His shoulders are sagging, he drags his feet, his eyes are clouded by exhaustion after casting that powerful spell. He is completely unaware of the shadow taking form in the pillar of billowing smoke and dust above the fallen skull.
Traitor's Bane clearly does not notice the thing, either; its attention is fully on Delar, its tresses writhing around him as if to shield him from the big, bad world, her hands on his shoulders as if to massage his burdens away.

But you can see it just fine.
It's there, a darkness with eyes of malicious yellow, fixed on Delar's back.

'Yes,' it 'says', its voice a wrongness that communicates directly to your mind while bypassing your ears - if you even have any real ears in this form. 'You are strong. Handsome. You will make an acceptable host.'

The darkness rises above the skull… and swoops towards Delar!


= = = = = = = = = = = =

Please proceed to…
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Intensify forward stabby powah!

We don't want any evil getting through.
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There's a new page up, y'know. ^_^
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Keep going forward (attack)
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Agreed! Attack, moving between the shadow and Delar.

Insert pointy thing into nasty thing!
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