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Sarcantasy 069
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When the monsters start to brawl, Volamite Number Twelve is not stupid enough to get in the way.
Volamite Number Twelve was never a front-line soldier; he is a Sorcerer! A Caster, a leader of mindless troops! Yes! Not for him, the dull slog of melee combat!

That's why, when Nova and Droz suddenly stopped chasing him and just stood there, clutching their heads, Volamite Number Twelve refrained from attacking them. Yes! It is certainly not because he is afraid they might do something permanent to him, or worse, that he might actually care for their wellbeing, Party or no Party!

No! Volamite Number Twelve is a Sorcerer, he is smart!
That's why he used the tide of battle to put the horrible Gargle-thing between himself and the two warriors -- alright, the Mercenary and the Chaos Warrior -- who were chasing him with intent to kill. 
Yes! Find cover, take a moment to focus his arcane energies, and then he can cast while everyone else is brawling and taking injuries.
Casting is useful. His casting killed that horrible zombie-thing, the one he didn't tell the others made him want to bury his head in the dirt, it smelled so awful.

Except… the battle has well and truly shifted in the Party's favour by now. 
The Volamite, the big, dumb meat-eater, is landing blow after blow while the Blue-Buttocked Gargle is backing away, defending. The Blue-Buttocked thing seems angry and confused, is spitting defiance, but the way its head jerks left and right suggests to Volamite Number Twelve that something is happening it did not expect -- or something is not happening that it did expect.
Still, it is a tough creature, fast enough, strong enough...

"Hello," a dull monotone speaks up. "I've decided. I don't like watching you try to eat folks."

The Blue-Buttocked Gargle screeches in sudden agony as the little grey creature, the Epon, raises itself on its forelegs and delivers a brutal backwards kick with its hind legs.

The Halokai capitalizes on the opening, landing a brutal two-clawed combination to the Pheme's face, which sends it teetering, tottering, falling...

... right at Volamite Number Twelve!

A mere instant before the Pheme can crush him to the ground, Number Twelve manages to make the guiding gesture and squeal out the incantation -- "GFD!" -- that causes a dome of green, crackling energy to cover him. The Blue-Buttocked Gargle hits the magic with a sound like a strip of bacon flung into a frying pan.
Its weight pushes Volamite Number Twelve back, dome and all … he struggles to stay standing, to keep magic flowing into the dome … strains as the Halokai hurls itself upon the Pheme's back, laying into it with both claws … struggles … struggles ...

… and the Blue-Buttocked Gargle slides to the forest floor, limp. Volamite Number Twelve feels every bone in his body rattle as he looks into the Pheme's lightless eyes -- and notices its flesh start to shimmer and flake into coruscating dust…!

= = = = = = = = = = = =

The Blue-Bottomed Gargle is dead, but what is happening now?! WHAT WILL YOU DO?!

= = = = = = = = = = = =

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Comments (2)
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MichaelJohnMorris|Professional Digital Artist
Kick Number 12's ass!!
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HelenMcLaughlinArt's avatar
If Twelve could still pee himself, he sounds like he might do that, tbh! :P

The gargle is dead, and there was great rejoicing! Droz and Nova snap out of their hallucinations and look down at the dead gargle, then at each other, then around at the others.

Nova asks "Who...? Who killed it?"

Droz doesn't seem to care. He strides forward and starts to hack at the disintegrating corpse for a good half a minute, tears still in his eyes.

The party do not speak of what happened to Nova and Droz, perhaps out of respect for obviously difficult visions. Instead they search the corpse for anything useful, and move on.
The Halokai visibly struts, as the others keep a slightly warier distance from him.
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