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Sarcantasy 063

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Published: August 30, 2018
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Team A:

You settle down for a nice little chat with the unicorn, introducing yourself and the rest of your party.

"Pleased to meet you!" the Epon says, smiling. "My name is Taffy Petal."

(You notice Delar elbowing Isabeau in the ribs from the corner of your eye to stop her laughing, even though he himself is struggling not to smile, but decide not to draw any attention to it. In contrast, Emma's expression is perfectly deadpan.)

"I'm from the village of Eohippobatos," the unicorn chatters on, "to the northeast from here. I uh, I do work on a farm there, normally. But my cousin wandered into the 'Forest about a week ago, and he hasn't come back, so the village council asked me to go look for him."

"Is that an actual cousin, or a 'cousin' in the way all Epon call each other cousin, even if they're not blood?" Emma asks.

"Wow, you know about that?" Taffy Petal asks, surprised. "Humes usually don't, or they just assume-"

"I've been through Eohippobatos once or twice," Emma cuts her off, "on my way north."

"Well, Overcast Sky is my cousin by blood," Taffy Petal says. "On my mother's side, by way of her second cousin on her father's side. He thinks deep thoughts, our Overcast Sky. If he weren't working the farm with the rest of us, he'd probably be a Philosopher by now, but he's really strong, so the village council put him to work on the communal acres, pulling the heavy plough. So they're kind of worried he won't come back from his forest walk; there's horrible Beasts and High Elves and whatnot in here, you know. I'm really getting kind of scared for him; I lost his trail a couple of days ago."

"We'd noticed," Emma says, dryly. "Any word on what's happening north of here?"

"It's actually been scarily quiet so far," Taffy Petal says. "There's this hush over the 'Forest, kind of like when there's a storm brewing. Lots of tracks of creatures on the move, but not a lot of creatures to be seen."

"Oh, gods," Isabeau moans. "Please tell me at least one High Elf took a shot at you going in to stop you."

Taffy Petal looks startled.

"The High Elves are out in force and packing arrows," Emma explains. "They're holding a Purge while they're hunting for… someone. If they're not stopping people from coming into the 'Forest" -- she glances at Isabeau, who nods glumly -- "then they're getting kill-crazy. They're stirring up all kinds of creatures that should be settling down for winter; we've already seen a Pheme out and about. It's only a matter of time before they tick off the wrong Beast or the creatures get desperate, and the whole 'Forest goes up like a powderkeg."

Taffy Petal looks horrified.
"My poor cousin is in the middle of all this!" she says. "I need to find him! Can you nice people help me find him?"

"We're headed north," Emma explains, "to see a friend of mine who lives in a fortified tower, for gear and a ritual dispelling."

"Your friend is a High Magician?" Taffy Petal's ears swivel forward. "Do you think he could do a ritual scrying to find my cousin?"

Emma blinks.
"Eesh. I haven't seen him in a year or two. He's been studying High Magic for a long time, so he might have a scrying ritual, but I'm not sure."

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Team B:

"Point!" the Beachbunny says.

The Halokai, who was first to notice the creature trudging through the bushes, gives the 'Bunny a look of mingled disbelief and resignation. 

"Alright," Droz says as he draws his sword, "you might as well come out. You're not doing a real good job of sneaking up on us, anyway."

A grey, equine creature with a limp mane sticks its head out of the bushes and gives you all a gloomy look.
"I wasn't sneaking," it says in a dull monotone, "I was having lunch."
He glances at the Halokai and heaves a deep, mournful sigh.
"Guess I was fattening up for your lunch. Great to be useful. I guess."

"What the heck are you supposed to be?" Nova asks. "I've never seen a talking pit pony before!"

"I'm an Epon," the grey creature says, in a lacklustre tone. "Pleased to meet you, scary predators."

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MichaelJohnMorrisProfessional Digital Artist
Team B should learn more about the unicorn instead of eating it. Team A should get ready to find Taffy Petal's friend and kill some high elves.
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Team A: Come along with us - maybe we'll even find your cousin along the way!

Team B: Looks delicious! But, no, I guess we shouldn't eat it.
Why are you in the woods? Have you seen anyone; particularly, a wom... er... female?
HelenMcLaughlinArt's avatar
HelenMcLaughlinArt Digital Artist
Eeyore? Is that you?

Team A: Take Taffy along with us to the tower, if there's a chance it'll help.

Team B: Well, we're obviously not going to eat the talking horse. We're going to talk to the talking horse.
Grendelkin's avatar
GrendelkinHobbyist General Artist
What would you like to talk about, Team B? ^_^
HelenMcLaughlinArt's avatar
HelenMcLaughlinArt Digital Artist
I guess same as Team to Taffy - who are you? What are you doing here? etc etc