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"We might as well check the bodies," Emma says. "See if there's any sign that this was more than just…" -- she glances at Isabeau -- "...more than just opportunistic cruelty."

"It'd be enough of a reason for my people," the High Elf says, shaking her head. "But yeah, let's check anyway." She glances at you. "Not to be a ghoul, but if these bodies still carry something useful, we might as well find out and bring it along. No good letting it lie here for the patrols to come and take away later."

"You're sure they'll return?" Delar asks, his eyes flashing with anger.

"They usually do," Isabeau confirms. "So we'd best move swiftish. Divide the field in quarters and everyone take one. When you're finished with your quarter, meet back up here and we move out. No dawdling."

Emma and Delar agree and set off to search the dead. You do the same, albeit with considerably less enthusiasm. 
You go from sad, arrow-pierced body to body. In death, even the Punchbunnies look not like enemies, but like victims. Their faces betray no hostility, only pain and surprise -- which fits the fact that over two thirds of them were shot in the back. As far as you can tell, the 'Bunnies really were taken completely by surprise...

You find a few small items as you search.
Five pieces of gold, which look to be from various places; two 'Caymore Royals', two 'Kirchburger Values', and one 'Old Empire' coin -- which looks particularly ancient.
Two rings, one made of brass and with a piece of coloured glass in the setting, one made of pure iron.
Two pairs of boots, with buckled belts fixed onto them.
One oddly-shaped dagger.
One brass amulet, shaped like a hare's head.

You reach the end of your quadrant, and move closer to the underbrush to gasp a few breaths of clean air; the 'Bunnies' corpses may not have been here for long, but they are already starting to exude a faint, unpleasant smell due to the autumn sun. You close your eyes, breathing in the fresh, wholesome scent of green growing things...

... and hear the rustling in the bushes too late. Your eyes snap open, and you find yourself face-to-face with an equine creature with a brightly-coloured mane and a single horn projecting from its forehead. It's difficult to say which of you is more startled; certainly the equine is staring and blinking at you with a great deal of confusion.

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Unicorn!! Can we pet it? :)
Grendelkin's avatar
Most certainly. ^_^

Also 'Nice'. :)

A long time ago, in a home role playing game far away, I created some elves.
There were high-falutin' "Noble" Elves and then there were the 'lesser' or "Wild" Elves.
A freind was more than happy to play the hob-nobbing, High-elf. Brow beating NPC's and 'Lording' it over the 'lesser' races.
After many adventures, with back story being slowly reveiled here and there, the party came across the home game's version of 'Uicorns'.
Highly magical critters that oozed magic.
The magical equines were so magical they didn't just shed sparkle dust, they fairly glowed enough you might want to wear shades to look at them.
In fact. They were so magical that the could, given the right training etc, focus all that uber essence into beams of utter fantastical devastation.

And... which group/class of peoples were the best at handling beasties of all magical shapes and mythical sizes?

Why, those 'Lowly' Wild Elves, of course.

Needles to say, the "Lordly' "Magical Technology will rule the day" player was... put in their place some what. ;)
Grendelkin's avatar
Cool! ^_^

So; what is your vote for today?
Foxhatart's avatar
UNICORN!!! GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle 
  Can I be cheeky and name her... pretty please?
Grendelkin's avatar
Foxhatart's avatar

Taffy Petal,
Taffy Rose,
Rose Petal,

My personal fave is Taffy but are any of these okay?
Grendelkin's avatar
Sure, but you have to pick one. ^_^
Foxhatart's avatar
Grendelkin's avatar
Sounds good to me! ^_^
Foxhatart's avatar
Yay thank you Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
HelenMcLaughlinArt's avatar
So..... this wouldn't have anything to do with a certain piece of fanart, would it? Perhaps made by a chapeau'd fox? ;)

Reach out and try to calm the unicorn.
Grendelkin's avatar
Hey, my audience influences the course of the comic, either by comment or by fanart. ;) Those spiffy boots Daisy found were influenced by your own work, for instance. :D

Any thoughts on the loot you found, by the way? ;)
HelenMcLaughlinArt's avatar
Ah yes, I thought the buckled boots sounded familiar - the idea there was for them to be rugged wilderness footwear; rain proof, bug proof and unlikely to slip off in a bog. ;)

Well, take all the loot, it could all come in handy.
Delar should of course nab those boots if he likes the look of them. I'm imagining Daisy and Emma are still a bit lacking in the footwear department, so they should grab some too.

Any of the coins and jewellery shimmering with a magic glow, or are they just decorative? How about that dagger?
Grendelkin's avatar
The money seems to be just money. ^_^ I imagine Delar would like those boots, and that means his current pair would be going spare. Emma appears to be content with her +2 Lucky Bonded sandals. The jewellery and dagger don't appear to be doing any shimmering at this time.
HelenMcLaughlinArt's avatar
If there are some boots that fit Daisy (who I seem to remember you've been drawing barefoot all this time) then she'll have them.
Foxhatart's avatar
absolutely nothing, Grendelkin clearly planned it entirely from the start XD  
Grendelkin's avatar
Funny story; I did anticipate the party would run into equines sooner or later. There is a big world beyond the 'Forest, waiting to be discovered. :pumpkin:
Foxhatart's avatar
Hurray there were always going to be horseys!! :heart:
Grendelkin's avatar
You betcha! ^_^ There'll be plenty more horsing around.
Foxhatart's avatar
Will Matthew still get to join in? ;P 
Grendelkin's avatar
Sure, sure. ^_^
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