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Sarcantasy 049 by Grendelkin Sarcantasy 049 by Grendelkin
On the previous episode of…

Team A:

"Everyone have a weapon out, and stand back to back," Emma says. "Delar, would you do the honours?"

"Gladly," the Half-Urken says, glaring at the trap.

You draw Growling Lion and stand side by side with Emma, facing away from the trap. Behind you, Delar pokes the peach with Traitor's Bane, there's a snikt, followed by a sproing, and...

"Ha! See, I told you it'd work!" a feminine voice crows from somewhere among the leaves. "This trap design is even more perfect than the last one!"

"We almost starved to death, waiting for something to walk under where you put the deadfall," a much more timid, male voice whimpers.

There is a rustling among the leaves, and two … creatures … come out. They look vaguely canine, but they're walking upright and they also have something of the 'Noid.
Regardless what they are, the female is clearly stunned to see her trap has been an utter failure. In contrast, the male looks instantly terrified.

"Aww, I told you we should just stick to eating things that are already dead!" he whines, his tail curving around his legs when he sees Isabeau's horrible grin. "I told you we're no good at this hunting business, Penelope!"

"But it's unfathomable, Steve!" the female protests. "What prey animal would not rush in to eat the delicous apple in the trap?!"

"Anyone with half a working brain," Delar replies, sternly. "Also anyone who doesn't like peaches."

"Huh?" Penelope says, clearly confused.

"I told you it wasn't an apple, too," Steve whines. "Face it, we don't know fruit!"

= = = = = = = = = = = =

Team B:

"So, do we start whacking?" Nova asks, hammer raised and ready to put her words into action.

"Don't see why not," Number Twelve replies.

The Halokai licks its chops and extends its claws...
... then backs off when Droz lightly swats its bicep.

"Look, you guys. I know how you feel," he says. "But I learned a lot about the Overground when I was with the Ice Elves, and let's face it; you all know jack about this place. If you start killing and eating the talking people up here willy-nilly, they notice and they come after you."

"Even if you're not working for a rival army?" Nova asks.

"Afraid so," Droz confirms.

"What if you're a stupid animal, like him?" Number Twelve asks, jerking a fleshless thumb at the Halokai, who growls in response.

"Same," Droz says. "We need to play it smart and we need to play it sneaky. Let's start by not killing these jokers, but taking them prisoner. We can question them about this place, maybe find out about local threats and see if there's a town nearby; we can beat the zombies there, maybe. And don't worry; if we 'defeat' these Overgrounders, we still get xp, just not as quick as by wasting them. Everybody pick a pair of ears -- not you, Halo! -- and grab."

Number Twelve and Nova reach out and each jank a... creature out of the bush. They've never seen Chucklebunnies before, but their first opinion of the creatures is not favourable; small and lanky, they just dangle in the grip of larger creatures without putting up a fight.
Droz reaches out for an ear -- and the third occupant of the bush leaps out at him!

Before the Low Elf Mercenary can do more than raise his sword, the Beachbunny is … well, basically all over him. Nova and Number Twelve look on in confusion and -- on the part of the Volamite -- a little envy.

"You found me!" the Beachbunny crows. "Hey, you're pretty cute. You wanna party later? I've never partied with a dude with blue skin before."

"Um," Droz stutters, "uh."

"So like, is it our turn to hide now?" the Beachbunny asks, brightly. "No, wait. We were hiding just now, right? Like, weren't we? I'm like, confused now."

"Dude, this sucks," the brown-haired Chucklebunny grumps.

"I dunno, heheh, this chick is huge," the blonde Chucklebunny replies, his eyes roaming all over Nova.

The Halokai licks its chops as it stares at the Beachbunny with rapt attention... 

= = = = = = = = = = = =

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