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Dream of…

You ask the 'dream cat lady', Leona, if she knows who you are.

"Yes indeed, mistress!" she says. "I know everything about you!"

Your heart leaps into your throat...!

"You are the female of a species I have never encountered before," Leona says as she takes down the picture from the wall, pointing things out to you. "Which is very clever; you can use that to surprise your enemies, if you have good racial abilities, or to trick them if you don't.

You have assumed the name 'Daisy', which is not very intimidating. Maybe you should think up a new alias, mistress?

Your physical attributes are:
BEAUTY 16; it should be 14, but you have a +2 enhancement on your top. Either is well above average, and helpful for Picture Dance.
DEXTERITY 10. Your defense is strictly standard, so please look into acquiring some armour, mistress.
HEALTH 12. A bit above average, not too impressive. 
SPEED 10. Best not focus on styles that require high velocity for now.
STRENGTH 10. For now, you had best focus on technique-heavy combat.

Your mental attributes are:
COMMUNICATION 12. Slightly above average potential for deception and intimidation; again, Picture Dance is your friend.
MEMORY 12. Also slightly better than average, and another fine argument for studying Picture Dance.
WILLPOWER 8. A bit below average, I'm sad to say. Please don't pick fights with Casters or Psychics for now, mistress.

Your extraordinary attributes are:
CHI 0. Which is not to say you lack lifeforce, but you cannot control it - yet.
ESP 0. If you want to use psychic powers in combat, I recommend buying some points with xp or else taking a few levels in a Psychic class.
LUCK 2, and that is thanks to a +2 enhancement on your shorts. A clever acquisition! One must not rely on Luck, but it is good to have in a pinch.
MAGIC 0. If you want to use spells in combat, I recommend buying some points with xp or else taking a few levels in a Caster class.
PATRON 0. You have no deity or demon looking out for your interests yet, mistress, but fret not. There are still plenty left and it's a seller's market.

You have zero class levels at this time, which is good; xp-prices for purchasing attribute points and proficiencies will be low.

I haven't been able to unlock your racial attributes yet, but I will keep working on it. Any other questions?"

You ask whether Leona knows anything about your past, your identity.

"Oh. That. No," she answers, shrugging. "Sorry, mistress."

You sigh - and glance at the poster that was revealed when Leona took your picture down. Is that...?

"Miss Emma Brightwell, female Malborn, Fenhar tribe, taintborn," Leona says, helpfully. "Class levels are Martial artist 2, Courtesan 3, and 5 in a class currently blocked by a Binding spell. 
Decent physical attributes, but she appears to focus on the mental.
CHI 3, ESP 3, LUK 2 (thanks to an enhancement in her sandals of all things), MAG blocked, PAT 4.
She was not the mistress long enough to attain the Dojo of the Mind, but I recorded her anyway.
Racial attributes include Beauty's curse, Constant beauty, Nighteyes, Natural ESP, Overheat, Sinful hunger and Tail-whip.
Accessible class attributes: Befuddle, Black lotus strike, Inflame, Lotus strike, Snake-dance, TLC."

You notice the crooked picture and reach up to expose it...

Leona grabs you and tries to shield you from an image of the Knight from the crypt you woke up in!

'Beware, mistress!" she hisses. "That man is your worst enemy! Some D'Eman, male Hume. Class levels: 5 in Priest. Affiliation: the dead gods, Deadman movement.
BEA 12, DEX 8, HEA 16, SPD 8, STR 18.
COM 14, EMO 16, INT 8, MEM 10, WIL 16.
CHI 0, ESP 2, LUK 0, MAG 3, PAT 11.
He has been a student of this Dojo for many years, and he will stop at nothing to regain it! He will kill you if he catches you, mistress, and rest assured he is tracking you now! You must train and grow strong, mistress! You must! Please let me teach you!"

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I knew that guy was bad news.