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It takes some fast talking, but you persuade Delar and Emma to just spend the night in George's uh, 'castle'.

The shaved ape is a surprisingly good host, providing plenty of forest food to eat - though Emma grumbles about the absence of meat. While there are no beds, the tree-house is very cozy, and the floor is soft. Besides, you soon discover that Emma gives off a lot of body heat; she's as good as a blanket!

You doze off, Growling Lion on one side, your Malborn friend on the other.
Today was frightening and confusing, sure, but right now you feel very comfortable and safe. 

Do you want to make any plans for tomorrow?

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Breakfast. bathing (NO, grooming fur does not count :P )

Then wokring out a map.

What is where? Where is here? What might be over there?

Then maybe work out who ever one is.

As for brining people along? How dangerous is the destination possibly going to be/ How clever etc are every body?

Answers? People can't handle the truth! Wait, what?
Maybe George can swing along in the trees above the group and keep an eye out for angry wood elves?
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He probably can, if you're willing to bring him along. ^_^
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Well, I'm happy with the offer of help from Delar, so the plan I guess is to carry on towards the tower if he has no requirement to visit his base camp.

Has Daisy noticed she has a strange face/tatoo/plug socket on her side?
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He might want to swing by his camp to pick up his extra gear, though. ;)

It's a tattoo, and nope, Daisy hasn't noticed it yet. ;p Maybe if she ever gets to take a bath?

How do you feel about bringing George along?
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Ah, I didn't answer that one - er, no to bringing George along, I think he'd be too much of a liability, and I'm tired of explaining.... life to him. He's learned an important enough lesson to be going on with, so leave him to it.

Ok so let's go to Delar's camp and then onto the tower. Maybe he'll have some more practical clothing we can borrow...
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