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Sarcantasy 012 by Grendelkin Sarcantasy 012 by Grendelkin
Last time, on…...

You use your gp to leave a trail while the shaved ape swings you both through the forest at breakneck speeds, spacing them out as best you can. By the time he finally starts to slow down, you're out of money.
The ape swings towards a dwelling of woven branches, reeds and grasses, high up a tree. Your sensation of helpless terror, already high after the death-defying journey, intensifies.
What is this creature planning to do to you...?

The shaved ape deposits you inside its nest, which is... fairly Spartan, really. It smells of unwashed ape, sure, but the floor is clear of clutter.
There is only one exit, which is blocked by the shaved ape.
A crudely constructed bookcase, full of what appear to be paperback novels, stands against one wall.
A clumsily assembled book, its pages looking like dried banana leaves, lies on a lectern easily as crudely-made as the bookcase.
You assume the pile of banana leaves lying in one corner is a combination of wardrobe and stationery set.
The overstuffed pallet in the other corner must be the bed.
The small hole in the floor is probably the bathroom.

The shaved ape closes the door with a leather sheet, which it ties in place. It grins at you, and you instinctively start to back up, when...

"How you-hoo-hoo doin'?"


"Me George, you bootie-call."


"If George say you-hoo-hoo have beautiful body, will you-hoo-hoo hold it against George?"


"Did it hurt your butt when you fell down from the Ae-hee-hee-ther?"


"Nice clothes. They look better on floor, hoo-hoo!"


"Hoo-hoo, this all George place. Yeah, baby. George is home-owner. Prime real estate. It okay if you want George. No be afraid of feelings, baby. Yeah, baby-hoo-hoo, yeah."

You may have no memories from before today, but these lines still manage to feel completely lame to you. The shaved ape seems to be confused that you're failing to respond, though.

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HelenMcLaughlinArt Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2018   Digital Artist
Try a loud, clear "NO.".
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