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On the last episode of Sarcantasy:…

"Daisy Greenleaf, huh?" Emma says as you introduce yourself with the name you just came up with. "That's interesting; sounds a little like a Wood Elf name. I thought you might... But hey, who am I to judge? My family name is 'Brightwell'. I was an adult before I found out that's the name of one of the moon goddesses!"

You walk and talk, steadily heading north...
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...when suddenly, Emma slips in a question that catches you unawares:
"So, Daisy. I know why I was in that tomb -- I was attending a lecture at the University of Kirchburg and someone clubbed me over the head while I was going into the bathroom during the intermission. Next thing I know, somebody's slapped a binding spell on me, stuffed me in this ridiculous getup and they're selling me and those three poor women to a Deadman as living sacrifices. I didn't see his face, but I'll remember his voice! If I ever get my hands on that bastard... 

But I digress. Like I said, I know why I was in that tomb, but what were you doing in there? That Deadman didn't know about you, or he would've set you up for that falling rock trap, like those poor sods and me. You're not kitted out for adventure, you don't look like an archaeologist or a necromancer, and you're not a Deadman because they stick together, the bastards.
So what brought you to that tomb, ticking off Crypt Golems and helping my humble self?"

You honestly have no idea. You woke up... and before that, everything is a blank. But should you tell Emma so?

You're still hesitating when Emma suddenly calls a stop. Staring ahead intently, she gestures at you to be quiet and follow her. You set Growling Lion down for a moment, tiptoe after Emma and peek around a tree.

In a small clearing ahead sits a man with coarse, black hair, reddish skin and small tusks. His clothes are simple and sturdy, apart from a splendid cloak of golden cloth. A longsword hangs from his belt. He is painstakingly setting up a snare trap, using a banana as bait.

"It's a Red Urken," Emma whispers. "No...? No. It's a Half-Urken. Something about that cloak... Can't quite recall..."

The Half-Urken seems to be all alone, and he's focused on assembling his trap. You could conceivably go around; you could attack him; you could try to approach him and start a dialogue; you could try something else.

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