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On -- brief -- reflection, you decide that the redhead is right.
Her kicks and whip would not leave much of an impression on the Crypt Golem, and Growling Lion was probably forged to cleave flesh, rather than animated stone.

So you scramble onto the chunk of masonry and follow your new friend as she dashes away from the furious Golem... which is widening the tunnel by smashing away at the brickwork!

Talk about incentive to run... You try not to think of the three dead women you're running across to get out of here.

There is another doorway, leading out of the altar room and into another tunnel. A fairly long tunnel, in fact.
The Crypt Golem is starting to catch up by the time you come to a Y-junction, two doors with runic markings obscuring the way ahead.

"That bastard Deadman had us blindfolded when he dragged us in here!" the redhead shouts. "I don't know which door leads outside!"

+ Left
+ Right
+ Do something else?
(Both doors are unlocked, but you can only choose one; the Golem is closeby and accelerating!)

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MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
Did she kill those three women?
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HelenMcLaughlinArt's avatar
Do either of us know what those runes say?

If not, go left, if only because I'm left-handed. :P
Grendelkin's avatar
Neither the redhead nor the grapehead knows...

But how about you? Do you know? ;)
HelenMcLaughlinArt's avatar
Me the player, no I have no idea.

Just to clarify, we players are in the shoes of the purple haired lady, right?
Grendelkin's avatar
Yup-yup! ^_^ Well, if she had shoes. ;)
My play group always seem to choose left... Pretty much become an arbitrary habit. SO 'Left' it is!

(Unless some one can read the squiggles?)
Grendelkin's avatar
Can you read them? :)
Huh? What do you think I am? A fekkin' Viking?

Luv. It's been something like... Oh some where in the dim, dark past of the last century since I even bothered to look into reading anything of/about the Futhark.

Nana, look what I have and you dont!


:D (Big Grin)


Grendelkin's avatar
Fair enough. ^_^ Blind guessing it is! :D
*Raises beveradge of questionable content in salute*

:D (Big Grin)
Sadly... Haven't bought any mead in a while. A good sout atm.

Though, with winter now upon us here at the antipodes... a nice mulled/spiced mead would not go too far astray. :)

Much cheers to you and yours.
Grendelkin's avatar
I thank you. ^_^ And to you and yours as well!
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