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Sarcantasy 005


You can't just stand by and let the Knight do this! He's wearing armour and has a big sword, the redheaded woman is barely dressed! This is not even remotely a fair fight!

Then again, you're barely even dressed, and you left the crummy shortsword in the other room... How are you supposed to take on this big, burly Knight?
Then your eyes fall on his underwear tag.

While the Knight and the redhead maneuver to get a hit in, you tiptoe around the onyx altar, spit in your hands, reach in while the Knight is focused on his opponent and PULL!

"AAARRGH! MY PROGENY!" the Knight shrieks, dropping his longsword.

You definitely shifted the Knight's attention away from the redhead. Unfortunately, you realize almost immediately that you yanked on the tiger's tail; the Knight is bigger, stronger and heavier than you, and in just a moment he'll be loose and you'll be --

-- watching the redhead execute a vicious flying axe kick, that makes the Knight's helmet ring like a bell! The Knight goes down and stays down!
You can hear him groaning softly, though.

"Thanks for the assist, kid," the redhead says.

You gain 20 xp!
You gain 10 gp!
You gain silk gentleman's briefs!

Scantily-clad redhead gains 20 xp!
Scantily-clad redhead gains 20 gp!

+ Talk to the redhead?
+ Try to wake up the Knight?
+ Equip the longsword 'Growling Lion'?
+ Just run for it, because the Crypt Golem is still back there?
+ Something else?

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Bunblitz21's avatar
Just looking at em chains, must've taken ages to draw xD 
Grendelkin's avatar
I wasn't entirely happy with how I did those. ^^;
Bunblitz21's avatar
They're in a kite shape
Grendelkin's avatar
I beg your pardon?
Bunblitz21's avatar
sorry, i ran out of things to say xD 
MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
I'd be a little skeptical to trust her.
Grendelkin's avatar
I understand why you would be.
Grendelkin's avatar
I won't lie, I loved drawing that axe-kick. ^_^
b-Eggot's avatar
I'd equip the longsword. Seeing how she's a power machine, and we can work together well with my wits and her strength, I've got confidence we stand a better chance at defeating the Crypt Golem.
Grab sword. Look at red head. Point over shoulder AT big critter coming and...

"What now?"

Possibly begin shuffling towards the nearst door AWAY from the on coming masonry....
HelenMcLaughlinArt's avatar
That long sword looks good - it's named and everything. £££
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